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evixar and hello! movie, HELLO! MOVIE Upgrades to Support XREAL Air Series


Evixar Corporation, Hello Movie Co. (Location: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Jun Takikawa; hereinafter "Evixar") and its subsidiary, Hello! MOVIE Corporation (hereinafter "Hello! MOVIE"), have upgraded HELLO! MOVIE to support the XREAL Air series, MOVIE for the XREAL Air series.

Evixar and Hello Movie Upgrade HELLO! MOVIE to Support XREAL Air Series

■ Background

EVIXAR and Hello Movie have been developing and operating "HELLO! MOVIE," an application that allows barrier-free screenings to be enjoyed at any seat in any movie theater since the first day of its release.

For those who are deaf or have difficulty hearing, we provide a barrier-free subtitle guide using AR glasses so that the brightness of the smartphone screen does not disturb other patrons during the screening. In particular, since AR glasses are not yet widespread enough, the entire movie industry is operating a rental service at movie theaters nationwide under the service name of "subtitle glasses.

With the rise of Metaverse, AR glasses are gradually beginning to spread, and users are demanding support for a variety of AR glasses.

About XREAL Air Series

XREAL Air Series is an extremely lightweight and fashionable AR glasses provided by XREAL, which supports use with a number of smartphones using an external device called BEAM. 3DoF mode can be used to fix the screen in the space, allowing for a highly immersive experience. The 3DoF mode allows the screen to be fixed in space, providing a highly immersive experience.

About the Version Upgrade

This version upgrade includes the following contents.

Projecting subtitles from a smartphone to XREAL using BEAM and XREAL Air

Displaying subtitles on the glass as if you were looking at burnt-in subtitles by using the 3DoF mode of BEAM

All iPhones and Miracast-compatible Android devices

Please check the official XREAL website for compatible models.



■Future Prospects

Evixar and Hello Movie have continued to provide barrier-free screenings with HELLO! MOVIE using overwhelmingly high-performance audio communication technology. We will continue to accumulate version upgrades in line with user needs.

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Social Contributions and Challenges of Evixar and Hello Movie

~ Evixar and Hello Movie's Social Contributions and Challenges

Since around 2014, Evixar and Hello Movie have realized "barrier-free screenings at movie theaters nationwide" for people with audiovisual disabilities through demonstration experiments with the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, the Agency for Cultural Affairs, and other organizations. We will be making full-scale proposals to movie production studios in Hollywood, U.S.A., and overseas entertainment companies.

Barrier-Free Screenings at Movie Theaters Nationwide" for people with audiovisual disabilities

White paper

In August 2023, Evixar renewed its Corporate Identity (CI) to be easily recognizable to everyone around the world, and developed a new Purpose and MVV to further enhance its corporate and business value.

2023-08-10 Announcement of CI Renewal

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