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Ryoki Midorima New ballet playing the story of stars and Ryukyuan culture Presenting "Bezettine" at Naha Cultural Arts Theater NAHArt on October 5 and 6!

The 5th performance is a barrier-free performance for children and the disabled.


The ballet performance "TOKOIRIYA" led by ballet artist Ryoki Midorima will present a new ballet "Bezettine - A Tale of Seven Stars" (premiere) on October 5 and 6, 2024 at the Naha Cultural Arts Theater NAHArt Grand Theater (Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture).

In addition, on Saturday the 5th, a special barrier-free performance will be held for 1,000 people living with various barriers who will be invited free of charge.

New Production Ballet "Bezettine" Image 1

The new Ballet "Bezettine," directed and choreographed by Ryoki Midorima, is a prequel to the previous work "MIHAKASHI," released in 2021, and tells the story of the birth of the Japanese Historical legendary sword of Yamatotakeru, the Sword of "Ame no Murakumo no Tsurugi").

The work is inspired by the folklore of the Okinawan islands and the "story of the ritual of the stars and Benzaiten," in which a whirlpool appeared in the world that had been jet-black darkness and became light "Bezettine," giving birth to the North Star and the Big Dipper, from which the Sword of Amenomurakumo (Tsurugi of Ame-no-Murakumo) was born.

The work sheds light on the dying culture of the Ryukyu(Okinawa) Islands, while at the same time researching similar stories and the rituals and events derived from them that remain in the Yamato culture, and expresses the birth of a large cultural sphere "from Okinawa" and, by extension, the West, the East, and the Earth, through production and choreography based on the origin of ballet.

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About "TOKOIRIYA RYOKI to AI vol.12

"TOKOIRIYA" is a Ballet performance project consisting mainly of RYOKI MIDORIMA, a ballet artist from Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture. The main theme of the project is to create ballet works based on the deep philosophy of "Truth, Virture, Beauty, and Love" common to Japanese dance expressions such as ballet, Ryukyuan dance, Noh drama, ancient Japanese dance, and Gagaku, and to establish a new Ballet identity originating from Japan with the major theme of continuously pursuing creation of Ballet works that create new values and a new Ballet identity originating from Japan. The company has been performing in Tokyo and Okinawa since 2015, and this project will be their 20th performance (10/6). 2023 will mark the first time in the history of the 2000th anniversary of the founding of the Imperial Grand Shrine (Ise-Jingu) that an exotic art (ballet) is permitted to be dedicated to the shrine.

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About Barrier-Free Performances

-Ballet is an art form that is performed by performers and audiences alike.

Ballet is a spatial art form in which the performers and audience work together to create and enjoy a sense of "place.

The "TOKOIRIYA" performance aims to create a stage with a mechanism that will bring empathy to "nurture the hearts and minds" of many people, both those who watch and those who create, while taking full advantage of this to not only "watch" but also to carefully create the atmosphere that occurs in the theater on that day, at that moment, and in that way.

In addition to regular performances, this project is the first attempt to open the door to people who do not usually have the opportunity to visit theaters by planning "performances with an emphasis on accessibility" together with Naha City so that the elderly and people with various barriers can spend a stress-free time together with general audiences.

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Performance Outline

<Performance Title

Ballet Artist Ryoki Midorima Okinawa Performance 


Barrier-free performance project for diverse audiences to improve accessibility

October 5, 2024 (Sat) 

Doors open at 15:00 / Concert begins at 16:00 (Invitational performance)

Performances for general sale

October 6 (Sun), 2024

Doors open at 14:00 / Concert begins at 15:00 (regular performance)


Naha Cultural Arts Theater NAHArt Grand Theater

 (Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture).

<Performances> (order to be determined)

1. Ballet "MIHAKASHI" STORY-1 "Bezettine" - A Tale of Seven Stars

Direction, Choreography, Script: Ryoki Midorima

Music: YURAI,Ryoki Midorima

Costume: (Ayako Shimoda

2. "Dans La Floriade

Choreography: Takako Midorima / Ryoki Midorima

Direction: Ryoki Midorima

Music: Léo Delibes / Léon Minkus

Costume: Ayako Shimoda

<Ticket prices

Advance Tickets】(All seats reserved)

VIP seats: 18,000 yen

SS seats: 10,000 yen

S seats : 8,000 yen

A seats: 5,000 yen

Same-day tickets are 2,000 yen more.

<Ticket sales schedule

Pre-sale】Saturday, June 1, 10:00~.

General Tickets】Saturday ,July 6 10:00~.

<Ticket handling website

Tokoiriya Office:

<Play guide


Department Store RYUBO Playguide (098-867-8246)

Co-op Apres (098-941-8000):

Supported by: Agency for Cultural Affairs, Japan Support Program for Children's Performing Arts Appreciation Experience at Theaters and Music Halls, etc.

Sponsor : Tokoiriya Society Association / Naha City

Special Cooperation : Japan Ballet Association Okinawa Branch

Cooperation :Artist Support Corporation / Midorima Ballet Studio

Supporters: Okinawa Prefectural Board of Education / Naha City Board of Education / The Okinawa Times / The Ryukyu Shimpo

General Production: Triple Three, LLC

Production Cooperation: Shimashima Planning LLC / Ryoki Midorima Ballet Office

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