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Works well outdoors! Gently protect your wine with a layer of air CELL Wine Bag" is now available on CAMPFIRE!

Easy temperature adjustment with ice and water, LCD tape temperature display to check drinking temperature


Kono Platech Co. (Location: Nishiyodogawa-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka; President: Shuichiro Kono) has developed a wine bag that allows easy temperature control for camping and outdoor activities. In order to expand sales, the company started crowdfunding for "CELL Wine Bag" on CAMPFIRE on June 27, 2024.

CAMPFIRE sales page:

CELL Wine Bag

Background of the project

Our company develops and manufactures various products using soft vinyl materials, and creates and proposes new values for soft vinyl. The CELL Wine Bag was started with the idea that if soft vinyl could be made into a wine bag, wine could be enjoyed more easily and anywhere.

Anywhere, anyone" is the keyword for CELL Wine Bags. To make it easy for anyone, beginner or expert, to enjoy the "most delicious moment" of wine, we have created a bag that allows you to enjoy wine anywhere, indoors or outdoors, by attaching a liquid crystal tape temperature display and using shock-resistant materials.

Product Features

CELL Wine Bag is a wine bag that can not only carry wine, but also easily adjust wine to its best-tasting temperature.

1) The temperature can be easily adjusted with ice and water while checking the LCD tape temperature display to see when the wine is ready to drink!

TIPS] Wine drinking temperature

Sparkling wine 6-8°C

White wine (sweet) 6-8°C / White wine (dry), Champagne around 10°C

Red wine (light body) 12-14°C / Red wine (full body) 16-20°C

With the CELL wine bag, anyone can easily adjust the temperature to the above by using water + ice!

LCD tape temperature display

Make your party a little more special than usual with the CELL Wine Bag.

The CELL Wine Bag makes it easy for anyone to adjust the temperature so you can enjoy your favorite wine even more. When you bring your favorite wine to a friend's house, you can adjust the temperature on the spot so you can enjoy the "delicious moment" of the wine with your friends. Of course, it is also perfect for parties at home or for drinking alone. You can spend a little more special time than usual.

Wine Party

You can enjoy wine more in nature. It is like a portable wine cellar.

We highly recommend the CELL Wine Bag for wine lovers who love the outdoors. When drinking wine outdoors, temperature control is a headache; the CELL Wine Bag's LCD tape temperature display shows the temperature, so you can easily chill the wine to the perfect drinking temperature anywhere with water and ice. It also has excellent water repellency and can be quickly washed with water even if it gets dirty, so you can enjoy your favorite wine outdoors with ease.


2) Outstanding impact resistance with air-filled soft vinyl sheet [CELL

The layer of air gently protects the wine. The size can be adjusted to fit the bottle.

The air-filled soft vinyl sheet [CELL] gently wraps the wine. In addition to the heat-retaining effect of the air layer, the temperature can be easily adjusted by adding ice or water. The amount of air that can be added to the sheet can be adjusted, so it can be changed to the perfect size for different types of wine.

The bottle will not break even if dropped from 2 meters (*).

In a test conducted by our company, the wine inside the bottle did not break even when dropped onto concrete from a height of 2 meters.

*We do not guarantee that the wine bag will not break under all circumstances.

Video: Wine bag drop test

3) Highly water-repellent and fully washable in cold water, ideal for both daily use and outdoor use!

Washable in cold water with household dishwashing detergent; easy to clean and use for both daily use and outdoor activities.

Made of soft vinyl, it has excellent water repellency, making it perfect for both daily use and outdoor scenes. Even if it gets dirty, it can be washed with dish detergent at home, so you can easily carry your favorite wine with you. Even when you get drunk and accidentally spill wine ......, a quick rinse with water will clean it up.

CELL Wine Bag Washable in Water

Project Summary

Project Name: "CELL Wine Bag" CAMPFIRE

Period : June 27, 2024 - July 25, 2024

Return (tax included): 3,000 yen... [Limited start price for 15 people] CELL Wine Bag

         3,300 yen...[Limited early bird price for 15 people] CELL wine bag


Company Profile

Company name: Kono Platec Co.

Representative: Shuichiro Kono, President

Location: 3-6-12, Nozato, Nishiyodogawa-ku, Osaka City, Osaka 555-0024, Japan

Establishment: December 1984

Business description: Manufacture of plastic office supplies

Capital: 10 million yen


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