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One day left, deadline approaching! Last chance to see Nagaoka Fireworks on a day trip! Fireworks for Recovery Prayer Phoenix" Reached 10 Million Yen in Total Support! ~The 20th anniversary of the event was also a time to express our wishes for Noto. Crowdfunding ends July 10~!

NPO法人 ネットワーク・フェニックス

Network Phoenix (Nagaoka City, Niigata Prefecture / President: Kunio Ohara), a non-profit organization active in Nagaoka City, Niigata Prefecture, has reached a total of 10 million yen in support for its project to raise sponsorship for the "Fireworks for Recovery Phoenix 2024" through crowdfunding. In order to reach our goal of 50 million yen, we have received many encouraging words of support from many Nagaoka Fireworks fans in and outside of Nagaoka City. We would like to ask for your warm and generous support.

Total support reaches 10 million yen!

What is Fireworks Phoenix?

Background and Significance of the Project

The NPO Network Phoenix started its activities immediately after the Chuetsu Earthquake in 2004, and in August 2005, it launched the "Fireworks Phoenix" for the first time at the Nagaoka Festival Fireworks Festival. This event is one of the "Three Great Fireworks Festivals in Japan," and it was quite natural for us to hold this event since it originated from the "Nagaoka Reconstruction Festival" held the following year to pray for the reconstruction of the city and to honor the souls of those who died in the air raid on Nagaoka on August 1, 1945. Since then, every summer, our members who normally have other jobs participate in the festival as volunteers, and we have continued our activities to convey the significance of the festival to the next generation of children who do not know about the disaster.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the "Fireworks for Recovery Prayer Phoenix," which will be launched as a "Noto Support Special Version" to wish for the recovery of the Noto Peninsula Earthquake. At the beginning of the festival, music fireworks using the Noto recovery melody "Marezora" will be launched, followed by the full 5-minute version of the Phoenix fireworks. This special fireworks display, together with "Mamazora" sung by the children of the Nagaoka Boys and Girls Choir, will bring cheer to the people of Noto by inviting the audience to sing along with them.

This year, the tickets are even more platinum than usual, and it is already difficult to make reservations for local accommodations. However, if you are in the Tokyo metropolitan area, it is possible to make a one-day trip on the Joetsu Shinkansen, which takes about two hours one way, so we hope you will take advantage of this opportunity.

■ Project Objective

The purpose of this crowdfunding project is to raise sponsorship funds to realize a fireworks display suitable for the 20th anniversary of the event. The sponsorship money will be used to cover the cost of producing a special version of the fireworks to support Noto and the cost of setting up and operating the "Phoenix Seats," special viewing seats for the Nagaoka Fireworks at the venue.

Social Background: The Nagaoka Festival Fireworks Festival, ranked No. 1 in terms of satisfaction, will go platinum in 2024.

According to a survey of 121 men and women across Japan conducted by minet, Inc., operator of "Fireworks Festival INFO," the Nagaoka Matsuri Grand Fireworks Festival (Niigata Prefecture) ranked first in the "Best Fireworks Festival" list, ahead of the Lake Biwa Grand Fireworks Festival (Shiga Prefecture) in second place and the Naniwa Yodogawa Fireworks Festival (Osaka Prefecture) in third. The 2024 festival will be held on a weekend, which means that the lottery odds are even higher than in previous years, and platinum tickets are becoming more common.

Source: minet Inc. press release

Crowdfunding Details

<Crowdfunding URL


June 10, 2024: Project start

July 10, 2024: Crowdfunding ends, return shipping begins

August 2-3, 2024: Nagaoka Festival Fireworks Festival

<Crowdfunding return items (some of them)

・8/2(Fri.)・8/2 Phoenix Cheering Table Seats (Max. 2 people/60,000 yen)

You will be able to see the 2km-wide "Phoenix Fireworks for Reconstruction" at the Nagaoka Festival Fireworks Festival on August 2.

8/3 (Sat.) Phoenix Cheering Table Seats (Max. 2 persons / 60,000 yen)

You can see the full view of "Fireworks Phoenix" of 2km in width at Nagaoka Festival Fireworks Festival on Aug. 3.

8/2 (Fri.) Phoenix Cheering Table Seats (Max. 1 person/30,000 yen)

You can see the full view of "Fireworks Phoenix" of 2km in width at Nagaoka Festival Fireworks Festival on Aug. 2.

8/3 (Sat.) Phoenix Cheering Table Seats (Max. 1 person / 30,000 yen)

You can see the full view of "Fireworks Phoenix" of 2km in width at the Nagaoka Festival Fireworks Festival on August 3.

Set of 2 original fans (3,000 yen)

Wajima's specialty, a lacquered bamboo stick (20,000 yen)

Future Prospects

Twenty years have passed since the Niigata Chuetsu Earthquake, and sponsorships have been decreasing year by year. We consider this decrease in sponsorship as "fading memory of the Chuetsu Earthquake" and have a sense of crisis. people under 20 years old have already lost their actual experience of the earthquake, and more and more people do not know the significance of the earthquake. Through the Phoenix Fireworks, we hope to convey the significance of this event to future generations and encourage them to support us.

We look forward to your support. Together, let's make "Fireworks for Recovery Phoenix 2024" a success and send courage to all those who are trying to recover from the disaster.

Organization: NPO Network Phoenix

Location: RitzCR Building, 1-5-9 Otedori, Nagaoka-shi, Niigata 940-0062

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