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Belle Russ celebrates its 6th anniversary and Belle Life Style its 7th anniversary!

Belle Lus株式会社

Belle Lus K.K. (President: Rie Matsuda / Tsu City, Mie Prefecture; hereinafter "Belle Lus"), which provides dietary guidance and instructor training, celebrates its 6th anniversary on July 5, 2024, and Belle Life Style Association (hereinafter "Belle Life Style Association") celebrates its 7th anniversary. Belle Life Style Association, Inc.

With the support of a cumulative total of 3,300 customers, more than 1,000 cooperating instructors (supporters), and business partners, Belle Lass has grown. We will continue to promote women's beauty and health based on the "Eat and Lose" diet method.

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Belle Russ/Belle Life Style Association continues to grow

Belle Las / Belle Life Style Association continues to grow with 202% of members and 118% of cooperating instructors (supporters) compared to the previous year, and we are grateful to have the support of so many people. In addition, books such as "Zubora Shunshoku Diet," our representative work, have sold a total of more than 290,000 copies, and we are expanding our business domain by developing and selling our own product, apple vinegar "Vinegar Apple Dream," etc. We are now able to provide all-round support for the "eat less, lose weight" diet.

Belle Las / Belle Life Style Association has also focused on information dissemination. While many people obtain information on dieting through social networking sites such as YouTube*, social networking sites also contain false and malicious information, and some people suffer mental and physical health problems due to excessive or incorrect dieting based on such information.

Therefore, Belle Life Style Association provides correct and fun information on various SNS including YouTube channel with the mission of "making diet improvement more fun, accessible, and easy". Diet Instructor]" ( ) has more than 180,000 registered users and connects with a total of 530,000 followers on SNS.

Source: Bellus "Survey on Diet Consciousness and Behavior 2024

Q4: Where do you usually obtain information on dieting? (Multiple choices allowed)

Furthermore, we believe that a sustainable business model is also important to promote beauty and health through food. Therefore, Belle Las / Belle Life Style Association has established a cooperating instructor (supporter) system to support the Belle Las style diet (eating thin), and now there are cooperating instructors who sell more than 2 million yen per month.

In this way, Belle Las / Belle Life Style Association has supported various people to achieve beauty and health through diet. In the future, we will continue to develop our own products and provide further services to realize a future of beauty and health.

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TEL : 050-3850-4712

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YouTube : "Rie Matsuda, Eat Beauty at Home [Diet Instructor of "Eat Slim Diet"]".

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Belle Life Style Association

Company name: Belle Life Style Association

Representative: Rie Matsuda, President

Location: 601 Prime Tsu Daimon, 6-5 Daimon, Tsu City, Mie Prefecture 514-0027, Japan

Establishment : July 6, 2018

Business description: Presiding over diet supporter training courses


Bellus】 【Bellus

Representative: Rie Matsuda, President

Location: Head office: 6-5 Daimon 601 Prime Tsu Daimon, Tsu, Mie 514-0027, Japan

      Branch office : Shinagawa East One Tower 4F, 2-16-1 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0075, Japan

Establishment : July 5, 2018

Business : Presiding over diet courses, presiding over diet supporter training courses, mail order business



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