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Ready!" restaurant opens near the "Blue Cave" in Maeda, Onna Village! Store "Ready!" opened near the "Blue Cave" in Maeda, Onna Village! Offering homemade ice cream and coffee


Ginger Co., Ltd. has opened "Ready! ice cream and coffee," a cafe bringing the bounty of Okinawa, in Maeda, Onna Village, Okinawa, famous for its blue cave, on July 1, 2024. A view point overlooking the natural beach and clear ocean is just a short walk away. We recommend taking a stroll with a drink in hand.

Ready! ice cream and coffee

Recommended menu】 ※Prices include tax

We have ice cream, smoothies, coffee, and sometimes baked goods to savor the bounty of Okinawa.

Passionfruit yogurt ice cream - 400 yen

Fruity, refreshing tropical flavor and crisp yogurt.

Passionfruit Yogurt Ice Cream

Tarama brown sugar ice cream 400 yen

Full of brown sugar minerals. Mildly sweet and rich.

Koto Koka Strawberry Ice Cream 400 yen

A hidden popular menu item. Recommended ingredients from farmers outside of the prefecture appear on a whim.

Tarama brown sugar latte 600 yen

Strawberry milk with a lot of pulp: 500 yen

Millet Sugar Craft Lemonade 500 yen

Passion fruit soda: 550 yen

Thank you banana (sugar-free banana smoothie) 600 yen

Mango pineapple smoothie 600 yen

Brown Sugar Latte / Strawberry Milk / Passion Fruit Soda / Millet Sugar Lemonade

Location of Ready!

is located on the grounds of the MIHANA Onna Village hotel. The beautiful garden and poolside terrace create a resort-like atmosphere. The beach is just a short walk away, with a hilltop overlooking the crystal clear ocean and white sandy beach. We hope that our ice cream and beverages will be the perfect accompaniment to your break time away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

A 5-minute walk from Ready!

MIHANA Onna Village, where you can enjoy a resort-like atmosphere.

Origin of Ready!

The idea to open "Ready!" came about 10 years ago, when the representative of the company, Mr. Isoishi, was working for the company. It all started when a junior staff member named Kakki joined the company where the representative, Mr. Isoishi, was working. Every day he was busy working hard. He laughed, cried, and found himself becoming a reliable person.

Kakki has a special skill.

He is good at making delicious sweets.

But there is one thing he is not good at.

That is, having the courage to take the plunge.

Kakki "I'd like to open a café someday!

Isoishi: "That sounds great! When are you going to start?"

Kakki "I'm preparing~!

Kakki "It's been a while! I baked cookies!"

Isokishi "They're so delicious! You're a pro! When are you going to start your store?"

Kakki "Ummm...we are preparing~!

Isoishi "Long time no see~! When are you going to open?

Kakki: "I'm preparing~!

Every time we meet, we have this exchange for 10 years.

Kakki "Mr. Isoishi. You said you were going to buy a new kitchen car, right? Would you sell that to me?"

Isoishi: "Oh! Finally open for business?"

Kakki: "I'm still wondering..."

Isokishi: "Then why don't you try it with me?"

Kakki: "I'll give it a try!

Kakki "I'll give it a try!

Not ready.

Kakki: "I'm still struggling.

Not ready.

Are you ready?

I'm ready!

We value the courage to take the first step.

We have named our restaurant after this exchange that took place over the past 10 years.

I'm ready! I'm ready!

We have been preparing for the opening of the restaurant on weekends, but now July has arrived and we are finally open for business.

We hope that many people will be able to experience the blessings of Okinawa.

Store Information

Store name : Ready! ice cream and coffee

Instagram :

Location : 890-1 Maeda, Onna-mura, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa 904-0417

              On the premises of MIHANA Onna-mura

Google MAP :

Individual inquiries: Please contact us via Instagram DM

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