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The movie "Requiem -Tamashizume no uta-" will be held on July 12, 2012 (Fri.) at Ikebukuro HUMAX Cinemas. The roadshow stage greeting will be held at Ikebukuro HUMAX Cinemas on July 12, 2012 (Friday)!

The cast, including Sho Hyuganoh and Saori Otaki, will greet the audience on the first day of the festival! In addition, a collaboration project with the movie "Peten Kyousakkyoku" to give away special bonus goods is also underway!


Lamia Create LLC (Location: Chofu City, Tokyo; Representative: Yoshimasa Onizuka), which mainly produces and sells horror films, will hold a stage greeting for the film "Requiem: Tamashizume no uta", which will open on July 12 (Friday) at Ikebukuro HUMAX Cinemas. Sho Hyuganoh, Saori Otaki, Fumitaka Kuroki, Saeri Umehara, and director Ryo Matsumoto will appear on stage.

Requiem -Tamashizume no uta-" key visual

This film is the fifth installment in the "Gendai Kaigaku Hyakumonogatari" horror suspense series that depicts profound and dramatic horror.

The main character, detective Otomo Ryoto, is played by "HIQUE! and many other 2.5 dimensional stage productions. The role of Kohichi Shirasaka, a lawyer who is pursuing the case, is played by Fumitaka Kuroki, who has gained popularity through the "Ai Uchu The Stage" stage series, etc. The cast also includes Saori Otaki, who has attracted attention through the "Assault Lily" stage series; Saori Umehara, a voice actress; Shota Mase, an influencer with an incurable disease; Yuzu Hiyori, a popular idol; and many others. Yuzu Hiyori, a popular idol, and others.

In addition, Shigeo Osako, Morura Mansho, and other actors with a strong sense of humor will support the story.

The film was directed by Ryo Matsumoto, a genius who has created a series of horror films with a unique world view.

On July 12 (Fri.), the opening day of the film, a stage greeting will be held at Ikebukuro HUMAX Cinemas with the cast and director including Sho Hyuganoh, Saori Otaki, Fumitaka Kuroki, Saeri Umehara, and Ryo Matsumoto, who plays the lead roles.

Stage Greeting Information

Greetings from the stage on the first day of the festival

July 12 (Fri.) after the 18:30 screening

Speakers:Sho Hyuganoh, Saori Otaki, Fumitaka Kuroki, Saeri Umehara, Director Ryo Matsumoto

Talk Event

July 13th (Sat) after 16:30 screening

Speakers: Fumitaka Kuroki, Shota Mase, Hiroki Watanabe, Chisa Hasegawa, Shigeo Osako, Director Ryo Matsumoto

July 15 (Monday, holiday) after the 15:00 screening

Speakers:Sho Hyugano, Saori Otaki, Shiina Kashiwagi, Yui Wakita, Maika Takahashi, Director Ryo Matsumoto

Tickets can be purchased on the theater's website from midnight two days before the screening date.

Requiem" will be released on July 12 at Ikebukuro HUMAX Cinemas and other theaters nationwide.

Cast photo

Cast & Staff

Sho Hyuganono Saori Otaki Fumitaka Kuroki

Saeri Umehara Shota Mase Hiroki Watanabe Yuzu Hiwa Shiina Kashiwagi

Chisa Hasegawa Dai Oyama Yui Wakita Shigeo Osako Ryusei Araoka

Maika Takahashi Yusuke Fukuda Moriramanzo

Producer : Yoshimasa Onizuka

Director/Screenplay/Editor : Ryo Matsumoto

Music : Yoichi Uenoyama

Production : LAMIAProject


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