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Smaller than a bill! A long wallet that combines beauty and ease of use FITY-Shine" is approaching 300% of its goal at Makuake! Pre-order sales end July 21!

Adapting to the cashless era while providing the comfort of a long wallet A beautiful wallet with a sparkling glamour that will make your heart flutter. ~From Mity's own brand "SYNPHIE


Meitei Corporation (Location: Meguro-ku, Tokyo; Representative: Mie Toyama) has been planning and designing branded bags and small leather goods for apparel companies, and has started its own brand "SYNPHIE" in 2022, taking advantage of its experience. The brand launched the pre-order sales of "FITY-Shine," a long wallet that is both ultra-small and easy to use, clad in beauty and shimmer, on May 26, 2024, on the support purchase site "Makeake," and as of July 2, the goal has been achieved 296% of the way to the 300% mark. The project was launched on May 26, 2024 on the "Makuake" website. This project will run until July 21.

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A beautiful purse that makes your heart flutter

Development Background

Compact foldable wallets are popular in the cashless era, but they are no match for long wallets in terms of ease of use. We developed a long wallet that is "smaller than a bill" and allows comfortable insertion and removal of bills, cards, and coins, and that makes your heart flutter just by holding it.

Point 1: Stylish design with a slim form and shimmering beauty

A wallet is a tool. Therefore, while excellent functionality is a matter of course, the appearance is just as important as the person himself/herself, before talking about its merits. Simple and stylish design that you will never get tired of. The material is light and strong goat leather (goat leather) that has been processed originally. The simplicity of the design makes it stand out for its refined beauty.

Almost the same size as a smartphone

Sophisticated appearance

Available in 5 original colors

Point 2: User-friendly and gentle inside


The vertical size of the wallet has been made smaller than the size of a bill by a special structure.

The flap prevents bills from biting the zipper.

A gap is created at the bottom of the wallet, and bills are simply slid in from the bottom center. It is easy and smooth to put in and out.

<Card Slot

Even in the cashless era, cards are still necessary. If so, the most frequently used card slots should be placed in the center.

<Coin slot

There is a coin flap, and when opened, the entire contents of the coin purse can be seen. It holds a lot of coins and is easy to put in and out.


The zipper has a lock function that prevents it from opening by itself, but it opens and closes smoothly.

The interior is designed for ease of use.

Point 3: Original leather with a beautiful shimmering shine is used.

The bag is covered with our original leather that makes the hand holding it look beautiful.

Dyed goat leather (goat leather), which is durable and lightweight, is covered with shiny foil and then stamped with a mold, giving it a beautiful shine like a prism of light.

Original goat leather is used.

Scenes of use

Just by holding it, you will feel comfortable and your heart will flutter.

It is also beautiful in every way.

Easily fits into a small bag.

It easily fits in a small bag!

Make Project】 【Makuake Project

Project Outline

Project Name: Ultra-small and easy to use.

         FITY-Shine: A long wallet with a shimmering shine that makes your actions beautiful.

Ends: 18:00, Sunday, July 21, 2024



Super Early Bird Discount: 13,860 yen, 30% off the scheduled sales price of 19,800 yen (limited to 150 pieces)

Early bird discount: 14,450 yen, 27% off the estimated sales price of 19,800 yen (limited to 200 units)

Set Discount: 25,740 yen 35% OFF of the estimated sales price of 39,600 yen (2 pieces) (limited to 30 pieces)

Outline of the product

Product name: L-shaped zipper long wallet

Recommended capacity: - 12 bills, 11 cards, 20 coins

Size :Approx. 74mm (H) x 165mm (W) x 20mm (W)

Color :Pastel yellow

     Pale pink

     Aqua blue

     Champagne Gold

     Shine black

Material :Surface ... goat leather / interior ... cowhide

Country of Origin :Japan

Available in right-handed and left-handed versions.

Company Profile

Company name: Mity Co.

Representative: Mie Toyama, Representative Director

Location : 1-23-19-406 Hiramachi, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 152-0032, Japan

Establishment : May 2008

Business description: Planning and development of fashion accessories

<In-house brand "SYNPHIE" > "Minimalistic and functional.

SYNPHIE is a brand of bags and leather goods that pursues "minimalism, functionality, and sophistication.

We hope that the project of this brand will be a bridge from producers to users, and through manufacturing, many people will be connected, creating a wonderful cycle that will lead to everyone's happiness.


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