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Voting in the Tokyo Gubernatorial Election brings lots of otokus at stores in Tokyo! When Tokyo residents cast their votes, various goods and services will be Vote for the #vote_for Project" to get free or discounted goods and services when Tokyo residents cast their votes!

Live videos of supporting artists are also available online for free.


UMF (located in Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture; Representative: Haruki Takamura) will distribute coupons for free or discounted goods and services at various stores when Tokyo residents vote in the July 7 Tokyo gubernatorial election, and will hold an event to enjoy live videos of supporting artists via online distribution.

Main Visual

UMF will run the "#vote_for Project," in which voting in the July 7 Tokyo gubernatorial election will entitle the voters to free or discounted goods and services. Special free/discount coupons will be issued at affiliated stores in Tokyo, and there will also be a drawing for free gifts and other prizes. Also, on the day of the vote, you can enjoy "Matsurigoto TOKYO 2024," an event where you can enjoy special live music videos by artists via online streaming for free.

How the #vote_for project works

Featured Coupons

<Outline of Matsurigoto TOKYO 2024

Event Name : Matsurigoto TOKYO 2024

Sponsor : UMF

Performers: Undecided (permission is being obtained from past performers)


Venue: Tokyo, Japan

Date : July 7, 2024 (Sun.)

Time : 15:00 - 20:00 (tentative)

Eligibility : Only those who voted in the Tokyo gubernatorial election may participate.

Method : Online distribution

Participation/Viewing fee: Free of charge (*Voting authentication on the official #vote_for project LINE is required to view the video.

        (*Voting must be verified on the official LINE of the #vote_for project when viewing the video)

<How to participate

(1) Vote in the Tokyo Gubernatorial Election (advance voting is also acceptable)

(2)Take a photo of your voting certificate or a signboard at the polling place

(3)Add the #vote_for project official LINE as a friend (

(4)Send a photo of your Voting Certificate or Polling Station sign from the menu "Vote Verification" in the official LINE

(5)Staff will check the photo, certify that you have voted, and give you a coupon (you can use the coupon at partner stores and watch the distributed event)

Official LINE

The turnout for the Tokyo gubernatorial election is 55%, and of the approximately 11 million eligible voters, approximately 6 million people will participate in this major event. In this context, we will implement this project in an attempt to further increase voter turnout and generate enthusiasm among the people of Tokyo.

This activity began with the 2019 local elections and has been implemented in the 2020 Osaka Metropolitan Government referendum, the 2021 House of Councillors election, the 2022 House of Representatives election, the 2023 Kitakyushu mayoral election, and other elections. The campaign has attracted increasing attention, with more than 5,000 people participating to date, and various artists and companies endorsing the campaign.

<About UMF

UMF is a non-profit organization that uses entertainment to address social issues. UMF does not support or criticize any specific political party, politician, or organization, and operates from a politically neutral standpoint in compliance with the Public Offices Election Law.

Organization: General Incorporated Association UMF

Location: Famhaus, 1-10-18 Nishi-Kujo, Konohana-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka

Establishment : October, 2019

Representative : Haruki Takamura

HP :


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