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Iga City, Mie Prefecture Remote work support system "LiveOn Wearable" is introduced Improved operations by DXing response to water and sewage problems

~Real-time sharing of onsite video Interviews on successful knowhow


Japan Media Systems Corporation (Location: 2-14-10 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Shinji Nakano), a developer, sales and support company of the LiveOn series of communication platforms, has released a case study of the "LiveOn Wearable" remote work support system in Iga City, Mie Prefecture, Japan.

LiveOn Wearable Case Study: Iga City, Mie Prefecture

Background of Remote Operation Support System Introduction

The Iga City Water and Sewerage Department wants to improve operational efficiency by responding more smoothly when water and sewerage problems occur.

Iga City's Water and Sewerage Department is responsible for the consolidation and maintenance of sewerage facilities, repair of leaking pipes, and maintenance and management of water supply facilities. The challenge was how to efficiently respond to problems with a small number of people in the city's 32 treatment districts. The amount of information exchanged between the office and the field via phone calls and chat rooms was not enough, so the company began to consider the use of a field work support tool.

Impressions after the introduction of the remote work support system

Smart glasses enable us to share images of the on-site situation and make quicker decisions.

The use of smart glasses and smartphones to report, including real-time video, has enabled us to make quicker decisions. This has helped to ensure a safe and secure lifeline. In addition, the number of people visiting the site has been minimized, leading to a reduction in travel and working hours. It has also helped to pass on skills to other staff members.

In this interview, we ask the person in charge about the challenges he faced before the introduction of the system, episodes from the selection of the product to the start of operation, his impressions after the introduction, and future developments.

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Outline of Iga City, Mie Prefecture

Location: 3184 Shijukumachi, Iga City, Mie Prefecture

Number of employees: 1,274 (as of April 1, 2024)

Area : 558.23 km2

Population : 85,301 (as of April 30, 2024)

City Outline: The city was formed on November 1, 2004 through the merger of six municipalities: Ueno City, Iga Town, Shimagahara Village, Ayama Town, Oyamada Village, and Aoyama Town. The Yamato Kaido, Iga Kaido, and Hatsuse Kaido roads connecting Kyoto, Nara, and Ise pass through the city area, and the area has prospered as an area adjacent to the capital and an important transportation hub since ancient times. The city is also known as the birthplace of the Iga Ninja, the hometown of Matsuo Basho and Yokomitsu Riichi, and the place associated with Yoshida Kenko.


About "LiveOn Wearable," a remote work support system

Product name: LiveOn Wearable


Company Profile

Company name: Japan Media Systems Corporation

Representative: Shinji Nakano, CEO and Representative Director

Location: 2F Denpa Bldg., 2-14-10 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0021, Japan

Establishment : August 1984

Business description: Development, sales, and support of "LiveOn series" communication platform

      Development, sales, and support of the "LiveOn Series" communication platform

Capital : 49 million yen


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