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Toei Shinyaku Presents Research on the Hair Growth Effects of outdoor cultivated Agaricus blazei KA21 Strain at the Japanese Society of Anti-Aging Medicine

Expected application as a hair growth supplement for both men and women

Toei Shinyaku Co.,Ltd.

Toei Shinyaku Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Mitaka City, Tokyo; President: Akitomo Motoi) announces that it has presented the research results on the hair growth effects of its outdoor cultivated Agaricus blazei KA21 strain at the 24th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Anti-Aging Medicine.

Outdoor cultivated Agaricus blazei KA21 strain

Presentation Title

"Hair Growth Promotion Effect by Oral Intake of Outdoor Cultivated Agaricus blazei KA21 Strain Fruiting Body"

Collaborative Research Institutions

Angfa Co., Ltd.

Laboratory of Immunology, School of Pharmacy, Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Sciences

Objective of This Research

Agaricus (Agaricus blazei, brasiliensis) is a medicinal mushroom native to Brazil that is rich in β-glucan and has been reported to have various physiological activities. To date, the fruiting body of the outdoor cultivated Agaricus blazei KA21 strain (hereafter referred to as KA21), grown in Brazil, has been reported to improve the coat condition of senior dogs and cats and to reduce hair loss in human clinical trials. This study aimed to verify the hair loss improvement effects demonstrated by KA21 by evaluating the hair growth promotion effects of KA21 using a hair loss model in mice, as well as the impact of different cultivation methods of Agaricus on hair growth effects.

Test Results

Mice that consumed feed containing outdoor cultivated Agaricus showed the highest hair regrowth score, followed by mice that consumed feed containing greenhouse cultivated Agaricus, and then mice that consumed feed without Agaricus.


The test results suggest that the oral intake of the fruiting body of the outdoor cultivated Agaricus blazei KA21 strain may have hair growth-promoting effects, indicating its potential application as a hair growth supplement.

About Agaricus blazei (brasiliensis, subrufescens) 

Agaricus blazei, (brasiliensis, subrufescens) is a type of mushroom widely used as a health food and supplement in the field of complementary and alternative medicine. Its characteristics and components vary depending on the strain, cultivation conditions, and place of origin. "Products containing Agaricus can significantly differ in quality depending on the product."

Brazilian Outdoor Cultivated Agaricus (KA21 Strain)

Agaricus cultivated under the sun using the King Agaricus 21 (KA21) strain in Brazil. Compared to the normally greenhouse-cultivated Agaricus grown in dark conditions, the outdoor cultivated Agaricus grows larger and contains higher amounts of key components such as β-glucan and vitamin D*, and exhibits more than five times the antioxidant activity**.

Left: House-grown agaricus, Right: Open-pollinated agaricus

Difference in β-glucan content

Difference in vitamins and minerals

Difference in antioxidant activity

According to a survey by the Japan Food Analysis Center.

IntJMedMushrooms.2019033173, pages 31-43

Toei Shinyaku Co., Ltd.

Toei Shinyaku Co., Ltd., the manufacturer of the KA21 strain, has been conducting research and development on the KA21 strain for over 28 years. Our research achievements include 33 international publications, 3 domestic patents, and 2 U.S. patents. We have collaborated on research with various institutions such as the School of Veterinary Medicine at Azabu University, the Keio University SFC Research Institute, the National Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology, the Faculty of Medicine at Juntendo University, the Food Safety Research Center at the University of Tokyo, and the Laboratory of Immunology at the School of Pharmacy at Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Sciences. 

Animal experiments have confirmed various effects of the KA21 strain, including antitumor effects, reduction of chemotherapy side effects, liver protection, heart protection, blood sugar lowering effects, hair growth promotion effects, and human clinical trials have demonstrated immune-boosting effects, fatigue reduction effects, and improvement in hair loss.

Number of Toei Shinyaku publications

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Representative :Akitomo Motoi, Representative Director

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