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Requiem" will be released at Ikebukuro HUMAX Cinemas and other theaters from July 12, 2012 (Friday)! Ikebukuro HUMAX Cinemas, etc. on July 12, 2012!

Popular and talented actors active in the forefront of 2.5 dimensional stage and idol performances will perform together! The main visual, scene photos, and trailer have been released! Comments from the cast, including Sho Hyuganoh and Saori Otaki, are also available!


Ramia Create LLC (Location: Chofu City, Tokyo; Representative: Yoshimasa Onizuka), which mainly produces and sells horror films, announces the release of the film "Requiem" on July 12, 2024 (Friday) at HUMAX Cinemas in Ikebukuro and other locations.

Requiem (1)

The film will be released on July 12, 2012 (Fri.) at Ikebukuro HUMAX Cinemas and other roadshow locations!

This film is the fifth installment in the "Gendai Kaigaku Hyakumonogatari" horror suspense series that depicts profound and dramatic horror.

The main character, detective Otomo Ryoto, will be played by a young detective from "HIQUE! and many other 2.5 dimensional stage productions. The role of Kohichi Shirasaka, a lawyer who is pursuing the case, is played by Fumitaka Kuroki, who has gained popularity through the "Ai Uchu The Stage" stage series, etc. The cast also includes Saori Otaki, who has attracted attention through the "Assault Lily" stage series; Saori Umehara, a voice actress; Shota Mase, an influencer with an incurable disease; Yuzu Hiyori, a popular idol; and many others. Yuzu Hiyori, a popular idol, and others. In addition, Shigeo Osako, Morura Manzo, and other actors with a strong sense of humor support the story.

The theme song "Mezore" by Daisy745, a three-piece sibling band, will be sung by the film's director, Ryo Matsumoto, who has created a series of horror films with a unique world view.

Highlights of "Requiem" (Tamashizume no uta)

A poster visual with a large image of an ominous mask is released! The trailer, which was released along with the poster, begins with Otomo, a detective who interviews people around Rika Uehara, who has disappeared in a somewhat suspicious manner. The disappearance triggers a series of mysterious incidents. The film is interspersed with disturbing elements such as a "severed head," "the red woman," and "multiple personalities," which gradually accelerate.

Where did Rika Uehara, who connects everything, disappear to? What is "Tamashizume-no-uta"? A trailer that foreshadows the film's horrifying ending has also been released.

Requiem" will be released at Ikebukuro HUMAX Cinemas on July 12 (Fri.).

Director & Cast Comments

Sho Huguano

Nice to meet you all, my name is Sho Hinata. Requiem is a work that gives a strong impression of horror, but it is a work that expresses deep "feelings" and "love. It also depicts the dirty side of human beings. I would be very happy if you could watch the film and feel various thoughts and feelings. Please come to the theater and see the power that can only be experienced on the screen!

Saori Otaki

When I act in Mr. Matsumoto's films, I encounter a variety of roles and grow as an actor. I remember that I was a little scared when we were shooting in the distance because it was cold and there were few lights (laugh). There were no convenience stores around, so we had to boil retort soup and coffee we bought in a kettle and drink it! I was enjoying it like camping! Please enjoy the work in the theater, which is a complete change from such a fun atmosphere.

Fumitaka Kuroki

This is my first time to act in a film directed by Matsumoto. The character I played in the film, Koichi Shirasaka, is a "lawyer. As a lawyer and a childhood friend of Enka Saiki's, I was conscious of the fact that I would be involved in the disappearance case from a perspective that is neither detective nor police, and I wanted my role to be the essence of the film. I also felt that this character (Koichi Shirasaka) is a person who is fed up with death, cases, and his own life. I had a very different impression of this role before and after playing it. It was a new experience for me through the film. Please come and see the movie "Requiem" in theaters.

Ryo Matsumoto, Director

It has been 10 years since I have been involved in the horror genre. Now that I can make a living only by working on horror films, I guess I can call myself a professional horror director. But I am not good at watching horror movies. I don't like fear. I don't want to be scared. I want to run away as fast as I can. The moment I see a scary scene on the screen, my hands cover my eyes, and my reflexes are divine. Even I can enjoy this horror film. A suspense horror film that draws you in with its story, and also lets you experience the unique Japanese sense of gloomy fear. This is the kind of work I aimed for. Please see it in the theater!


Rika Uehara, a resident of Tokyo, disappeared without a trace on the night of November 5. According to her family, after returning home from her part-time job, she went to a bar that she used to frequent, and 30 minutes later, she left the bar saying that she had an appointment to meet someone. Her mother, Balliko Uehara, asks the Itakura Detective Agency, introduced by an acquaintance, to search for Rika Uehara, and the detective, Ryoto Otomo, tracks her whereabouts. He suspects that Satoma Saiki, who had a relationship with Rika Uehara, knows the whereabouts of Rika, and contacts Satoma, but then Satoma dies a sudden and mysterious death. At that time, Satoma suddenly dies a mysterious death, and Ryoto is also attacked by someone. Then, one after another, people related to Rika Uehara mysteriously disappear and die. When they get to the bottom of the darkness, a horrifying fear is swarming around them.

Requiem (2)

Requiem (3)

Casts & Staff

HYUGANO Sho Otaki Saori KUROKI Fumitaka



Maika Takahashi Yusuke Fukuda Moriramanzo

Producer : Yoshimasa Onizuka

Director/Screenplay/Editor : Ryo Matsumoto

Music : Yoichi Uenoyama

Production : LAMIAProject


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