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Tea Box & Kabako Specialty Shop / nana89 which will be held at Daikanyama Tsutaya until June 30 (Sun.). Ririko Amakasu chooses Kamakura Shop 2024" at Daikanyama Tsutaya until June 30 (Sun.).


nana89 Corporation (Location: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo), which sells modern tea boxes and incense boxes titled "Japan you want to keep by your side," will be selected and exhibited in "Amakasu Ririko Selects Kamakura Shop 2024" at Daikanyama Tsutaya from June 1 (Sat) to June 30 (Sun), 2024.

Event details:

About "Ririko Amakasu chooses Kamakura Shop 2024

Ririko Amakasu, who lives in an old house in Kamakura, where the sound of waves overlaps with the joyful buzz of temples, shrines, surf stores, and tourists, and where a pleasant sea breeze blows through the air, will introduce a selection of goods selected by Ririko Amakasu, who continues to write essays.

This year marks the third time Kamakura Shoten has been held. The customers visiting Kamakura are treated to matcha tea at nana89's tateru and incense at kiku2, and nana89's products are also exhibited for the third time.

About "nana89

A time to relax and calm down, not to be caught up in the past and not to think about the future. A time to face family, friends, and precious moments.

Do you have such a rich time in your daily life?

In today's hectic society, we need to consciously heal ourselves.

The spirit of "Wa" will enrich our lives and teach us something that we have been missing.


Matcha green tea and incense

They help us to establish our identity as Japanese people.

Matcha is now known as a "super food.

It is also a healing item.

It is a communication tool.

We hope that people of all ages and both genders will enjoy these good things about Japanese culture in their daily lives, just like coffee and beer.

The lineup of "Ririko Amakasu's Choice Kamakura Shoten 2024" products

Tateru ii

Would you like a cup of tea?"

How cool would it be if you could say this when you are asked about your own culture or when you are with a customer from overseas or on a business occasion?

tateru ii 1

tateru ii 2

There are two types of lids to choose from: pop yellow or green, depending on your preference and the atmosphere of your room. Inside are the tea utensil, chashaku, tea bowl, chasen, and takensui, all wrapped in vinyl, so you can take them out and pour the water over them without spilling any hot water. The takensui is made of bamboo, which is also very cute, reasonably priced, and makes a great gift.

The tea bowl is made by Hisatsugu Shimizu, a renowned tea potter, and has the "Rakuzankama" mark on the base of the bowl.

It comes with an illustrated instruction manual (English translation on the back) on "How to serve matcha" and "How to make matcha" so that even those who are new to tea can make tea anytime, anywhere.




The leather handles are very nice.

We will have more chances to go out with the TEA BOX. It is made of a durable material called PASCO (*).

When you open the lid, the tea bowl, tea utensil, chashaku, chasen, and kensui are all in the mold, so you can walk around shaking the TEA BOX a little.

Ideal for camping, office or picnic!

The tea bowl is by Hisatsugu Shimizu, a renowned tea potter, and there is a "Rakuzankama" mark on the high base of the tea bowl.

The dots on the bottom of the bowl are also adorable and a new, well-designed tea bowl.

It comes with illustrated instructions (English translation on the reverse side) on "How to receive matcha" and "How to prepare matcha" so that even those who are new to tea can prepare tea anytime and anywhere.

PASCO is an environmentally friendly natural material made mainly from wood fiber.



Incense is said to "listen". The name of this product comes from the word "kiku".

Why is incense called "kiku"?

It is said that the history of incense is old and was introduced with the arrival of Buddhism. In the Muromachi period (1333-1573), the method of "listening to incense" was established, and in the Edo period (1603-1868), the incense culture spread. There is a famous story about the incense called "Ranjatai" in the Shosoin Repository of Todaiji Temple, which was cut down by emperors, Oda Nobunaga, and other powerful people of the time as a status symbol.

It is said that the agarwood tree from which the incense is made takes 20 years to grow to maturity, 50 years to produce agarwood, and 100 to 150 years to become high-quality agarwood.

During that time, the fragrant wood is said to have a soul, and you "hear" its fragrance quietly in your mind. I believe it is also called "effective.

In these stressful times, if those of you who are so busy with various things that you have lost your leisure time can "listen" to incense, you will realize that the many benefits of incense, as described in the "Ten Benefits of Incense" (10 articles on the effects of incense popularized by Zen master Ikkyu), are "effective".

The "kiku2" set is designed so that even beginners can enjoy authentic incense every day. It also comes with an illustrated instruction manual (how to listen to and burn incense, English on the reverse side) so that even beginners can listen to incense right away. Why not try listening to incense quietly for yourself?



Did you know that matcha is called "super food"?

Matcha is now known as a "super food". While ordinary green tea and gyokuro are boiled in hot water, matcha can be consumed as it is.

Matcha's ingredients have the following benefits...

Catechins: Increase immunity, increase body fat burning, inhibit fat absorption, and improve cognitive function,

        Inhibits fat absorption and improves cognitive function.

Polyphenol: Anti-oxidant action to prevent aging

Theanine: Relaxation effect

Vitamin E: Prevention of arteriosclerosis and aging

You can enjoy these high quality nutrients in their entirety.

The era of matcha sticks has arrived. Many people think, "But matcha is hard to drink..." However, nana89 has made matcha in stick form so that it is easy to carry and enjoy.

Since the matcha is freeze-dried, it does not form balls and is quickly dissolved in hot or cold water. You can enjoy matcha in hot water as usual, or in summer, you can enjoy matcha latte with ice cream.

The matcha is made by Marukyu Koyamaen in Uji and is outstandingly delicious.

Outline of the event

Event name: "Ririko Amakasu's Choice of Kamakura Shops 2024

Date and Time : June 1 (Sat) - June 30 (Sun), 9:00 - 22:00

Venue: Tsutaya Bookstore, 1F, Tsutaya Bldg.

       (16-15 Sarugaku-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0033)

Access: 5 min. walk from the central exit of Daikanyama Station on the Tokyu Toyoko Line / parking lot (120 spaces)

Official website:

Company Profile

Company name: nana89 Co.

Representative: Hideko Kobori, President

Location : 2-22 Ichiyatamachi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 162-0843

Establishment : December 2019

Business : Sales of Japanese products such as tea boxes, incense boxes, matcha, etc.


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nana89 Inc.


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