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Wear it for summer outings! Cool "sea motif" accessories  Dancing earrings "clownfish" are now available for pre-order on Makuake! now available for pre-order on Makuake!

A new product created by a leather craftsman with a reversal of ideas


ROHMAN (located in Ritto City, Shiga Prefecture; Representative: Makoto Ishimura), a limited liability company that manufactures and sells leather products, started pre-order sales of "clownfish" dancing earrings on May 31 (Friday) on "Makuake," a support purchase service. This project will run until July 14 (Sun.).

Makuake" project page

Dancing clownfish earrings

Background of development

The development of this product started from the idea of "Can we make an accessory like a snow globe? At the conception stage, accessory designers told us that it was "absolutely impossible. However, he could not give up, so he said, "Then, I will make it myself! The most difficult part was to make it float like a swimmer. After many adjustments, the ideal shape was finally reached and the "clownfish" earrings were born.

It's like a little aquarium!

Just looking at them makes you feel cool!


An accessory that makes you feel cool just by looking at it.

The clownfish swims like a dancing fish as the acrylic glass dome shakes, making it a fun accessory to wear or just look at.

Earrings perfect for summer!

You will want to wear them to the beach, summer festivals, aquariums, and fireworks displays.

You might just have everyone's eyes all to yourself! They also make great summer gifts!

A clownfish swimming like a swaying, dancing fish

Deep blue

Light blue

About Returns

3,000 yen: "Super Early Bird Discount" 25% off, to be shipped by the end of July

5,600 yen: "Set Discount" 30% off, to be shipped by the end of July

3,200 yen: "Early Bird" 20% off, to be shipped by the end of August

We will ship the products as soon as they are completed, so they may be shipped earlier than planned.

Project Outline

Project name: [Dancing earrings

         New standard summer accessories with dancing clownfish!

Period : May 31, 2024 (Fri) 12:00 - July 14, 2024 (Sun) 18:00


<Product Outline> Product Name

Product name: "Clownfish" dancing earrings

Type: Pierced earrings, earrings

Description: Set of 2

Size : Pierced earrings: approx. 45mm, earrings: approx. 35mm, diameter: approx. 18mm

Color : deep blue, light blue

Material : acrylic, resin, glass, purified water, glycerin

Sold at: Makuake

Company Profile

Company name: Godo Kaisha ROHMAN

Representative: Makoto Ishimura, Representative Partner

Location : 493-13 Hayashi, Ritto-shi, Shiga 520-3043

Establishment : August 2019

Business : Manufacture and sale of leather goods and accessories

Capital : 100,000 yen


For inquiries from customers regarding this matter, please contact

Limited Liability Company ROHMAN

TEL : 077-535-0765


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