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Office Premium Frozen" is a company cafeteria service that can be used in accordance with the way you work. Office Premium Frozen", a company meal service Office Premium Frozen", a company meal service that can be used according to work style, has started offering a "health management support service".

株式会社SL Creations

SL Creations Inc. (Head office: Haneda, Ota-ku, Tokyo; President: Takeshi Sato) announces the launch of its "Health Management Support Service" for "Office Premium Frozen," a permanent company meal service that can be used in accordance with work styles, with no capital investment or introduction preparation required. )", which can be used in accordance with the way of working, without the need for investment in equipment and preparation for introduction.

A web seminar will be held in conjunction with the launch of the new service. In addition to providing a healthy eating environment, we will offer plans to improve employee health awareness and support corporate health management initiatives.

Health Management x Nutrition Education Promotion

WEB Seminar Schedule

Health Management x Nutrition Education Promotion: Meal Subsidy Service to Increase Employee Satisfaction & Productivity

June 13, 2024 from 14:00

July 29, 2024 16:00~

August 6, 2024, 15:00~

What is Office Premium Frozen?

This is a service that allows companies to rent freezers and microwave ovens and use them as company cafeterias for approximately 80 to 90 different products, including SL Creations original brand processed rice products, pasta, Chinese noodles, baked fish, stewed hamburgers, dim sum, stewed vegetables, soup, fruit, sweets, and silica water, in addition to a menu of prepared foods such as baked fish, stewed hamburgers, dim sum, and boiled dishes. .

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Outline of the service

Taking advantage of the preservation and convenience of frozen foods, the service is available whenever you want to eat, requires no capital investment or preparation, and has been used by companies of various business categories, from those with 5 or fewer employees to those with 1,000 employees, as a company cafeteria service without food loss.

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Supporting Health Management through Nutrition Education

Although the gap between average life expectancy and healthy life expectancy is narrowing, there is still a gap of about 10 years as of 2019, and there is a need to extend healthy life expectancy.

SL Creations has been focusing on the development of safe and delicious products based on "uncompromising commitment" to food and the dissemination of information necessary for a healthy diet, under the philosophy of "contributing to the health of all people through our products". In order to promote nutrition education through support for corporate health management as well as individual customers, we will begin offering a new support plan from 2024.

Contributing to the health of all people through our products

01. transmission of food and health contents (once a month/on line)

Health topics of current interest" from "HEALTH CREATIONS," a health and nutrition information site operated by SL Creations, will be sent directly to employees' mobile devices via the Office Premium Frozen dedicated application or the official LINE. The information will be delivered directly to employees' mobile devices via the Office Premium Frozen dedicated application or the official LINE.

Information on women's health, healthy snacks, nutrients lacking in modern people, and other topics supervised by an active doctor who is an expert in nutritional science. The information is used to improve health literacy.

Health and Nutrition Information Site

02. health and nutrition seminar for employees (basic) (web-based)

For companies that have introduced Office Premium Frozen, we will offer a free health and nutrition seminar for employees only once after a contract is signed.

Image of Health Management Support

Raising employee health awareness is essential for promoting health management initiatives. However, since the enactment of the Basic Law on Nutrition Education (2005), most initiatives have been aimed at children, and those over 30 years of age have not had the opportunity to experience nutrition education, including school education. SL Creations' dietitians, who have worked in hospitals, schools, and welfare facilities to manage individual nutrition and improve the health of people ranging from children to the elderly and sick, will fully support the promotion of nutrition education in your company.

03. health awareness survey and satisfaction survey on behalf of clients

We can conduct employee surveys on behalf of your company to determine whether "Office Premium Frozen" is being used effectively to improve dietary habits and whether efforts are being made to maintain and promote good health, and support verification and evaluation of the effectiveness of these efforts. In lieu of an employee health and nutrition seminar, we can also provide a free satisfaction survey experience.

The second and subsequent employee health and nutrition seminars, health awareness surveys, and satisfaction surveys will be conducted for a fee. If you apply for the paid plan, we will submit an implementation report including the participation rate, which can be used as a report to verify the effectiveness of the health management implementation.

Office Premium Frozen and SDGs

SDGs Initiatives

As of May 2024, more than 1,500 companies have introduced Office Premium Frozen, and the number is increasing at a pace of 70 to 80 cases per month.

The company cafeteria service utilizes frozen food, which is highly preservable and can be used 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, in the quantities needed. In addition, the introduction of biomass containers and the contribution to the reduction of food waste have been highly evaluated as part of the SDGs initiatives.

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SL Creations Inc.

SL Creations is a food delivery service that has been dedicated to developing and selling food that is "safer and more secure" and "tastier" than anywhere else since its establishment in 1970. SL Creations is a food delivery service that sells food products and recipes to help people build a healthy body in a delicious and easy way.

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Planning and sales of frozen foods, seasonings, health supplements, cosmetics, tableware, cooking utensils, etc., individual home delivery business, mail order business, corporate home delivery type company meal service business, overseas business, Sendai workshop space, etc.

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