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Hiroko Konishi is a singer-songwriter, Singer-songwriter Hiroko Konishi to record an analog album June 7, 2024.

Same as you...the story of hina chrysanthemum swaying in the wind. Flowers sing, gentle voice to you.


Office Squarel LLC, a music-related planning, production, and management office, will begin distributing the moving song "Kaze wo Swaying Hinagiku" from June 7, 2024 (Fri.) at the iTunes Store and other download sites. The song will be available at iTunes Store and other download sites from June 7, 2024 (Fri.).

Cover photo of "Kaze wo Sagaru Hinagiku" (Hina Chrysanthemum Swaying in the Wind)

Kaze wo Swaying Hinagiku" is a new folk song written and composed by Hiroko Konishi. This song is sung by Hiroko Konishi, who has a unique and very gentle voice with a proven track record as a voice actress. ...As you listen to it, you will be drawn in as if "the hina chrysanthemum flowers in the field are whispering softly to you. Sometimes gentle, sometimes sad, this is a song that is close to people's hearts.

This song also contains "the viewpoint of a hina chrysanthemum flower looking at us. In today's world of constant strife, this song symbolizes the beauty of nature, its fragility, and the desire for peace.

The song "Kaze ni swaying Hinagiku" questions how we should live with nature and reminds us of the importance of peace and hope. Please take a listen to this heartwarming song and feel and walk with us. I hope you will listen to it once and feel it with us and take a step toward a future in which we can walk together.

Kaze ni swaying hinagiku" will be available on download sites from June 7.

This song will be included in the next analog album.

Hiroko Konishi Profile

Hiroko Konishi is a voice actress and singer-songwriter, born on October 26, 1975 in Kawagoe, Saitama Prefecture, and raised in Hiratsuka. She is a graduate of Sagami Women's University Junior College and Chuo University Faculty of Law, and has appeared in NHK's "Ojarumaru," "Arrest me," "Dr. Slump," "Urayasu Reinforced Family," "Amazing! Masaru-san," "Digital Monster," and many other animations and games, in which he has appeared as the lead or main character. On the music side, he has released more than 50 major CDs since his debut in 1994. Recently, he has been active as a singer-songwriter, performing, writing lyrics, composing, arranging, performing, and recording all kinds of music.