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The Mayan Calendar's Amazing Birthdays" went into heavy print immediately after its release! ~The Mayan calendar is a mysterious calendar with 260 days in a year, and it is a great way to learn about "another birthday".


Akemi (Akemi Yasunaga), a Mayan Remedy Executive Planner and representative of the general incorporated association Library Planning (located in Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo), has announced that her latest book, "The Amazing Birthdays of the Mayan Calendar" (Mikasa Shobo), has been released on January 20, 2024 (Saturday), and due to its strong sales, the book was quickly reprinted. The Mayan calendar is a "calendar of awareness.

The Mayan Calendar is a "study of awareness.

By using the Mayan calendar to know your other birthday, you will be able to find hints for a healthy and happy life.

Author:Akemi Yasunaga, Mayan Remedy Exercise Planner, General Incorporated Association Library Planning

■Book Details

Amazing Birthdays of the Mayan Calendar

Publisher: Mikasa Shobo

Publication Date : January 20, 2024 (Saturday)

Author : Akemi Yasunaga, Executive Planner, Mayan Remedy

Supervisor : Keiko Kida

ISBN :9784837930723

Amazon Book Bestseller

 ~Osama Bunko Best Seller Ranking #1

 ~Overall popularity ranking: No. 2

Will be reprinted in May 2024.

The Mayan Calendar's Amazing Birthdays

In today's world, many people are trying too hard.

However, unless we use that hard work in the right direction, no matter how much we try, we will not progress as we wish.

The Mayan calendar can be a "guidepost" for this. By learning about the "real me," you will surely be at full power by the time you finish reading this book!

On the shelves of a bookstore

■Author Profile

Born in Oita Prefecture. After graduating from high school, she went to a vocational school and got a job at a listed company. and so he started his own business, running his own lounge.

She later got married and spent her busy days raising children and working, but her husband's company hit a crisis. While she was living a "false self" due to the differences with her husband and the deadlock in raising her children, she discovered that she had leukemia.

Her husband also became ill, their company went bankrupt, and they divorced... It was during these rocky times that she came across the Mayan calendar, and her life changed forever. She realized that the most important thing in business management is people, and she has been leading her clients in Japan and abroad to business success by "making the calendar and Eiki work for them.

She founded the general incorporated association "Library Planning" with Keiko Kida and plays a central role in promoting the Mayan calendar.

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