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The smallest and lightest class 65W Type-C charger with low heat generation with DAC technology, an original technology, was introduced and explained in Nikkei XTECH.

To celebrate the publication, Amazon will distribute a limited-quantity coupon for 300yen off through June 30.

E-Power Solutions

E-Power Solutions (Location: Ikeda-shi, Osaka; President: Shotaro Soma), a developer and seller of electronic devices, has commercialized a 65W Type-C charger "ADAMON 65W," which is the smallest and lightest class of charger despite its low heat generation. The unique DAC (Dual Active Clamp) technology applied to this product was introduced in Nikkei XTECH .

To commemorate the introduction, a coupon for 300 yen off the regular price will be distributed(*) at Amazon from May 29 (Wed.) to June 30 (Sun.), 2024.

(*) The offer may end early if the budget limit is reached.

ADAMON 65W" Amazon sales site:


Using our proprietary DAC technology, we have succeeded in developing a 65W Type-C charger that is the smallest and lightest class of charger while suppressing heat generation.

There may be few opportunities to check how the charger works and what is inside to see how it was realized. Nikkei XTECH explained it in detail.

Nikkei XTECH (crosstech)

"Japanese 65W-class USB Charger Outperforms Si-based GaN Products with Circuitry Ingenuity".

Product Features

*Smallest and lightest class with folding plug

Size : 30.0 x 26.5 x 58.0mm (approx. 46cc)

Weight : Less than 75g (Typcal value 69.6g)

Size and weight

*Low heat generation design

Complies with international standard IEC62368-1 (77°C or lower).

(In case of compliance with Japanese original standard PSE only, a maximum of 95°C is allowed.)

Low temperature is achieved by high power conversion efficiency using DAC technology.


*Does not interfere with other outlets.

The design is less likely to interfere with other outlets due to the small size of the sticking surface (30.0mm x 26.5mm).

It does not interfere with other outlets.

*Equipped with a variety of protection functions

Over-voltage protection, over-current protection, short-circuit protection, and heating protection are provided to protect the charger and devices.

Various Protection Functions

Target product

Product name : ADAMON 65W

Price : 4,980 yen (including tax and shipping fee)

Size : 30.0 x 26.5 x 58.0mm (approx. 46cc)

Weight : Less than 75g (standard value 69.6g)

Color : White, Black

Sales location :


Company Profile

Company name : E-Power Solutions

Representative : Shotaro Soma

Location: 1-5-6 Hachizuka, Ikeda-shi, Osaka 563-0024

Business: Semiconductor design consulting, development and sales of electronic devices


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E-Power Solutions Customer Service Center

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