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Oshu City, Iwate Prefecture, Web Conference and Online Contact Case Study of "LiveOn" Series After establishing web conferencing within the government office, an online counter was also established. Interview with local government DX success know-how


Japan Media Systems Corporation (located at 2-14-10 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Shinji Nakano), which develops, sells, and supports the "LiveOn Series" communication platform, has announced that its "LiveOn Meet" web conference system in Oshu City, Iwate Pref, The case study of "LiveOn Meet" web conferencing system and "LiveOn Call" online contact system was released on June 4, 2024 (Tue.).

Interview with Oshu City about "LiveOn Series

From the introduction of the web conferencing system to its establishment

Web conferencing, which started with the Corona disaster, is now an indispensable tool for business operations.

Oshu City is the 30th largest municipality in Japan and has many branch offices and public facilities in addition to the main office building, so reducing staff travel time was a major issue.

When travel itself was curtailed due to the Corona disaster, full-scale consideration of introducing a "web conferencing system" began.

■Online window operations also began.

[DXing a wide range of operations and improving resident services

We added an option to the existing web conference system and prepared facilities for the online counter. The "online interview window" was launched in October 2023. The number of departments and operations to be supported is scheduled to be expanded in the future.

In this interview, we ask the person in charge about issues before the introduction, episodes from the selection of the product to the start of operation, impressions after the introduction, future development, and other details.

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Outline of Oshu City, Iwate Prefecture

Location: 1-1 Otemachi, Mizusawa, Oshu City, Iwate Prefecture

Number of employees : 835

Area : 993.30 km2

Population : 119,422 (as of September 29, 2023)

City Outline : Located in the southern inland region of Iwate Prefecture, the city was created through the merger of five municipalities in February 2006.

        The city was created by the merger of five municipalities in February 2006. The city's forested area is 54.9% of the total area of the city.

        Yakeishi mountain range in the western part of the city, with Yakeishi-dake (Mt. Yakeishi), the city's highest peak, as the main peak, is a virgin beech forest.

        Yakeishi, the city's highest peak. The city is one of the best agricultural areas in the prefecture, with a complex of agriculture centering on rice cultivation,

        The area is one of the best agricultural areas in the prefecture. In addition, the area is also

        The area is also home to a concentration of commercial businesses and industrial parks, backed by its convenient transportation system.

        The city has also developed an industrial park and other facilities to support traditional and key industries.


LiveOn" series communication platform

The "LiveOn" series of communication platforms support a wide range of online communication tasks in a single system.

About the web conference system "LiveOn Meet

Product name: LiveOn Meet


About the online contact system "LiveOn Call

Product name: LiveOn Call


Company Profile

Company name: Japan Media Systems Corporation

Representative: Shinji Nakano, Representative Director and CEO

Location: 2F Denpa Bldg., 2-14-10 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0021, Japan

Establishment : August 1984

Business description: Development, sales, and support of "LiveOn series" communication platform

      Development, sales, and support of the "LiveOn Series" communication platform

Capital : 49 million yen


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