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Seekl, the first consulting brand for academic journals, is now available in Japan

株式会社 杏林舎

Kyorinsha Corporation (Location: Kita-ku, Tokyo; President: Yusuke Watanabe; Founded in 1946), which provide multitude of services for scholarly journals, has launched a "journal consultation service", aiming to help domestic scholarly journal meet the international standards.




In the course of supporting a number of journals over decades, we have come to realize that there are several structural problems common to academic societies in Japan. First, they lack access to comprehensive knowledge about scholarly publishing and journal management. The second is that journals are run by researchers and doctors who take time out of their busy schedules to manage the journal. Moreover the editors are to change every few years.

In order to provide our clients with appropriate services under these circumstances, we have been actively collecting information and providing various services such as editorial work to support the success of many journals as a professional journal management company. Based on the know-how we have accumulated, we have established Seekl, a team of consultants whose mission is to improve the quality and value of all journals in Japan.

Seekl provides consulting services to realize world-class journal management.

Service Features

(1) Experts is Journal Management

Kyorinsha has over 70 years of experience supporting journal publishing for academic societies in Japan. We also attend international editorial conferences such as CSE and ISMTE to keep abreast of the latest trends in academic publishing overseas. Based on this accumulated know-how, Seekl's experienced consultants execute projects to solve our clients' problems. We also use a team-based system, which allows us to be in contact with our clients even when the main person in charge is not available.

(2) Plans for all journals

Seekl's consulting service checks the current state of the journal through interviews and initial surveys, and creates a consulting plan to help you achieve your goals without difficulty.

(3) All-in-one Support from problem identification to goal achievement

Seekl provides not only consulting services to achieve clear goals such as obtaining journal impact factors, but also "journal diagnosis" services to discover hidden issues. While consulting may sound a bit intimidating, journal diagnostics can help you sort out hidden issues in your journal at a low cost.

(4)  Updates on a timely matter

Seekl actively sends its staff to seminars and conferences in Japan and abroad to collect the latest information on academic publishing and feed it back to the service. Seekl also actively disseminates information on everything from academic publishing trivia to the latest trends through e-mail newsletters and blogs.

(5) Starting a new journal to obtaining and improving Journal Impact Factors

Although we are a newcomer as a brand, Kyorinsha has supported more than 50 journals in Japan for over 70 years. We support a wide range of journals, from those with about 10 submissions per year to those with more than 1,000 submissions per year. We also provide a full range of services related to journal operations, from the launch of the journal to inclusion in well-known databases such as PMC and Scopus, obtaining journal Impact Factors, updating submission rules, and journal publicity.

While there are many companies that offer editorial services, Seekl is the only one in Japan that can provide journal-specific consulting.


Please contact us  via e-mail or phone listed at the bottom of this release. Our team of consultants will then conduct a hearing to discuss your needs and the status of your journal. We will create a consulting plan based on the content of the hearing.

Company Profile

Company name: Kyorinsha Corporation

Representative: Yusuke Watanabe, President and Representative Director

Location: 3-46-10 Nishigahara, Kita-ku, Tokyo 114-0024

Establishment: November 1946

Business description: ●General production of academic journals

      General services related to academic conferences

      Web services and system development

      General administrative support for academic societies

      Sales agent for Clarivate's ScholarOne products

      Operation of the KaLib Store online bookstore specializing in academic journals

      Provision of consulting services for academic journals in Japan

Capital: 10 million yen


For inquiries from customers regarding this matter, please contact Seekl

TEL : 03-3918-5005

Inquiry form:


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