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~Improved GPU server utilization efficiency to support efficient AI development and utilization~.

株式会社トゥモロー・ネット, Inc. (Head Office: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo; President: Chang-Jin Lee; hereafter ""), a provider of GPU operation and infrastructure optimization solutions in the United States, and ProphetStor Data Services, Inc, (ProphetStor), a U.S. provider of GPU operation and infrastructure optimization solutions, for sales in Japan and Korea. Under this partnership, will begin selling ProphetStor's GPU Booster, an AI solution that optimizes GPU utilization. By incorporating this product into the IT infrastructure for AI development, GPU utilization can be maximized, learning phase time can be shortened, and development speed can be accelerated.

ProphetStor x sells hardware, software, and related solution services centered on IT infrastructure infrastructure for both on-premise and public clouds in its mainstay cloud computing business. In recent years, as AI is increasingly being used in corporate operations, the company is also focusing on supporting the introduction of AI infrastructure solutions equipped with NVIDIA's GPUs and proposing optimal configurations for customers' AI environments. In this context, we have concluded an agreement with ProphetStor because we believe it is more essential than ever to improve the utilization and optimization of GPU resources against the backdrop of a tight supply of GPU resources, which are essential for AI learning, due to the rapid expansion of AI development and utilization worldwide. GPU Booster is a solution that accelerates processing by optimizing NVIDIA Multi-Instance GPUs (MIG) through automated analysis in training and inference of AI models. For complex and dynamically changing AI/ML workloads, it provides optimal GPU resource settings by analyzing GPU resource utilization with its unique AI technology.

GPU optimization cycle

Product Features and Sales Structure

Improved GPU utilization: GPU Booster learns GPU utilization status and automatically extracts optimal GPU setting values to maximize and optimize its utilization efficiency. The utilization of the Supermicro GPU SuperServer integrated model (H100 x 8 cores) offered by both companies can be improved from an overall average of 36% up to 90%.

Sustainable application development: GPU servers are power-hungry and generate a lot of environmental impact, and the GPU Booster can reduce learning time (up to 50%) by improving GPU resource efficiency, thereby reducing power consumption and carbon emissions and helping to implement environmentally friendly AI. This helps to reduce power consumption and carbon dioxide emissions, and supports environmentally friendly AI implementation.

Scalable solutions: customized solutions for organizations of all sizes, from startups to large enterprises, to facilitate smooth integration and continuous development of AI.

Comprehensive support: supports customers with a wide range of services from initial implementation to ongoing maintenance.

GPU Booster allows users to monitor GPU resource status through GUI management and optimize GPU utilization.

Eric Chen, CEO of ProphetStor, Inc. ProphetStor is well positioned to take advantage of the growing demand for AI infrastructure and professional software services for training and deploying LLMs in the era of generative AI. We are confident that working with will free us from the complexity often associated with large-scale deployments and pave the way for a more integrated and cost-effective approach for companies to harness the power of AI."

Jun Matsuura, Vice President and COO of, stated, " is pleased to be a part of the team. is committed to seamless adoption of AI so that our customers can unlock its potential without the burden of managing infrastructure, and ProphetStor's GPU Booster technology fits our vision. ProphetStor's GPU Booster technology fits our vision. Incorporating this cutting-edge technology into's solutions will enable us to provide AI solutions that are more cost-effective and easier for our customers to use. Through this strategic partnership, will handle the complex set-up and maintenance of infrastructure configuration, management, and optimization, helping to ensure a seamless adoption of AI, allowing companies to focus on developing and deploying AI applications.

Both companies will continue to support the use and transformation of AI in Asia by providing superior solutions.

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About ProphetStor Data Services, Inc.

Headquartered in Milpitas, California, ProphetStor Data Services, Inc. provides AI-powered application behavior awareness solutions for IT and GPU operational management and optimization. These solutions transform the way companies deploy AI models and deliver data-driven services. With the platforms and GPU Booster, we are leading the way to a future optimized by AI in the most efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly way.

About provides cutting-edge technology and sustainable infrastructure with the aim of becoming a company that leads the way to a better society with excitement and joy, based on the management philosophy of "Connecting to a joyful future based on IT". With our extensive experience in infrastructure, including hardware and software manufacturing, sales, operation, and maintenance, and our recent focus on consulting, development, operation, and support of AI services, we have established a unique position in the domestic system integration market. By providing a comprehensive range of services from infrastructure to AI services, we offer proposals that meet the detailed needs of our clients, including overall system flexibility, usability, cost optimization, and performance improvement.

Company Profile

Location : 3F, Prologis Urban Tokyo Shinagawa 1, 3-28-25 Higashi-Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo

Representative: Chang-Chin Lee, President and Representative Director

Establishment : February 2005

Business : AI platform business, cloud computing business, SDI business


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