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Keep your neck dry and comfortable on hot days with Japanese paper, UV protection neck cover The "Sharitto Washi UV Neck Cover" will go on sale in late June from SOUKI, a long-established sock factory in Nara! SOUKI, a long-established sock factory in Nara, will begin selling the product in late June!

株式会社 創喜

Soki Corporation (Location: Koryo-cho, Kitakasegi-gun, Nara Prefecture; Representative Director: Kohei Tabi) will release a new product, "SUNNY & SNOWY: UV Neck Cover made of crisp Japanese paper," in late June 2024. SUNNY & SNOWY is a brand of knit items that utilize Souki's specialty "low gauge socks" technology, and offers items that can be worn on both hot and cold days. Please feel comfortable on hot days with the "UV Neck Cover" made of crisp Japanese paper.

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◆Quick and easy UV protection for the neck

The neck cover is knitted into a cylindrical shape, so you can protect your neck from ultraviolet rays just by putting it on quickly. There is no need to worry about dropping it like a stole. The thin knitted fabric with Washi yarn that has excellent water absorption and quick-drying properties and yarn that has UV protection and cooling effect can be worn all day long with little discomfort due to perspiration.

◆Washi paper yarn for a light and comfortable feel

Washi yarn is highly absorbent of water and moisture, so you can use it without feeling sweaty or sticky. The unique crispness of the washi yarn reduces the feeling of sticking to the skin, and it is also noteworthy that it feels light and smooth to the touch. The functional yarn with contact cooling effect is knitted together, so you can use it comfortably with a cool touch even on hot days.

◆Washi yarn, an eco-friendly material

Washi yarn is water-resistant, strong, and resistant to fluffing, so it can be washed repeatedly and used for a long time. It is also soft and comfortable to the skin. Washi yarn is a natural fiber, so it is environmentally friendly and eco-friendly material that can be used for a long time.

◆Product Outline

Product name: Sharitto Washi UV Neck Cover

Release date: Late June 2024 (scheduled)

Size: Width approx. 27 cm x Length approx. 29 cm

     Please note that there is a slight variation in size due to the nature of the material and color.

Color : Ash gray, ice blue, lemon yellow, light beige

Price : 2,530 yen (tax included)

Material : 43% non-classified fiber (Japanese paper), 33% polyester, 24% nylon



About Souki Co.

Souki was founded in 1927 in Hiroyo-machi, Nara Prefecture, the birthplace of socks. Since its founding, Souki has always been committed to the idea of "pursuing socks that are of good quality and that people can truly feel good about in their daily lives".

Soki continues to use rare vintage Japanese sock knitting machines, which are said to be "handled by very few craftsmen," while carefully repairing them. Souki has a reputation for making large, fluffy, low-gauge socks.

◆Company profile and contact information

Please feel free to contact us for press releases, OEM socks and original products.

Company name: Souki Co.


Location: 6-5 Hikisyo, Koryo-cho, Kitakasegi-gun, Nara 635-0824, Japan

Establishment : 1927

Line of business: Manufacture and sale of knit products, including socks and arm covers

TEL : 0745-55-1501(Weekdays 10:00-17:00)

FAX : 0745-55-1502



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