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By dog lovers for dog lovers. Not exactly a wine for dog lovers. We will be selling a new wine called "Novello-Vello"!


Okayama Wine Valley (located in Niimi City, Okayama Prefecture; Representative: Masaya Nonani) will begin selling its new Novello-Vello wine, which features a distinctive dog label, on its website on Wednesday, June 12, 2024.

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Novello-Vello Novello-Vello

Novello-vello 520ml

Chill Mellow Amber

Features of Novello-Vello

Novello-Vello is a new product made from 100% Sangiovese grapes, an Italian grape variety produced by Okayama Wine Valley. The Sangiovese grapes are carefully cultivated in Okayama, a grape-growing region that prides itself on its traditional shelf cultivation methods, harvested late, and the grapes are destemmed by hand from the bunches.

This method allows the grapes to enjoy a rich, lingering aroma derived from the skins and a complex, broadening aftertaste. This wine was created with the image of a wine to be enjoyed at a seaside café, enjoying a glass of wine in a chill, mellow, and amber atmosphere.

The name "Novello-Vello" comes from the Italian word "Novello," meaning new wine, and was inspired by the attack of Tomo and Tomo's dog, "Novello-Vello," in the Okayama Wine Valley. The name is also inspired by words related to sake, such as "drinking," and "getting tongue-tied. The label is a tribute to our beloved dog, Tamatomo-sama.

We believe that both dog lovers and non-dog lovers will like the label.

Novello-Vello will be available in a limited edition of only 567 bottles, all in reusable 520ml bottles with no added sulfites. The reusable bottles are also reusable, so the wine can be reused after consumption.

Product Outline

Product Name : Novello-Vello 2023

Release Date : June 12, 2024 (Wednesday)

Ingredients: Grapes (100% Sangiovese from Niimi, Okayama Prefecture)

      No filtration, no sulfite added

Content : 520ml, 11% alcohol by volume

Price : 2,640 yen (tax included)

Sales location : Online


■Set of two bottles is recommended.

When purchasing online, shipping costs are relatively high for a single bottle, so we recommend purchasing a set of two bottles. Also, if you compare this wine with "Unnatural" (a sparkling red wine made from lightly colored Sangiovese grapes, lightly pressed and bottled to trap the carbon dioxide gas generated by the fermentation process), you will realize that the same grape variety can produce completely different tastes depending on the production method. We recommend that you try them together as a set.

1 Sangiovese

1 Sangiovese is the most widely grown grape variety in Italy, and is used to make Chianti, a representative wine of the Tuscany region of Italy. It is characterized by its high acidity and abundance of tannins, and its fruitiness and acidity can be enjoyed.

Novello-vello & Unnatural SET

Ripe Sangiovese

About the liquor dealers and restaurants that carry this wine.

We will post information on our website and SNS as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please contact us.

About Okayama Wine Valley

Okayama Wine Valley is a small winery in the northwestern part of Okayama Prefecture (Tetta-cho, Niimi City) that produces wine from cultivation to vinification. The cool climate and mineral-rich, well-drained calcareous soil give the wines of this region a unique character. The vineyards are small, within easy reach of the winery, and the grapes are carefully nurtured so that the winery can interact with the vines while feeling the breeze that passes through the vineyards. The grapes grown are Italian varieties of Sangiovese and Nebbiolo for red wine. Three varieties of Chardonnay are grown for white wine. The winemaking process is simple and standard so that the potential of the grapes can be brought out.

Company Name: Okayama Wine Valley

Representative: NONAMI Akiya

Location: 72 Tabuchi, Tetta-cho, Niimi City, Okayama Prefecture

Business Description: Manufacture and sale of alcoholic beverages (fruit wine and wine)


For inquiries from customers regarding this matter, please contact

Okayama Wine Valley

TEL : 070-4386-5301

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