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Seraph Enomoto, Inc. to appear on FM Kawaguchi's "Class Up Kawaguchi" on Monday, May 13 and Tuesday, May 14! FM Kawaguchi "Class Up Kawaguchi" on May 13 (Mon.) and 14 (Tue.)! Talking about the second edition of the veterinary hospital MAP and pet disaster prevention


Seraph Enomoto Co. (Location: Kawaguchi City, Saitama Prefecture; Representative Director: Osamu Enomoto; hereinafter referred to as "the Company"), which focuses on large-scale repair work for condominiums and also operates a pet renovation business, received an offer from "Class Up Kawaguchi," an FM radio station (85.6 MHz) in Kawaguchi, to appear on its program on May 13 and 14, 2024 (Tuesday), as the company is focusing on contributing to local communities by producing animal hospital MAP and pet disaster prevention. The program was broadcast on May 13 (Mon.) and 14 (Tue.), 2024.

In the program, I talked about pet disaster prevention, including the production of the animal hospital MAP, the second edition of which was published in March of this year, and my certification as a Pet Disaster Crisis Manager(R). The radio program in which I appeared will be broadcast on Thursday, May 16 from 7:40 p.m. and on Sunday, May 19 from 11:00 a.m. for about 20 minutes. Please listen to the radio program.

About Kawaguchi City Animal Hospital MAP

Last year, we planned and produced "Kawaguchi City Veterinary Hospital MAP" introducing veterinary hospitals in Kawaguchi City in order to help Kawaguchi citizens who keep pets live with their pets in peace and as part of our contribution to the local community of Kawaguchi City, where we are located. The second edition published this time lists more veterinary hospitals in Kawaguchi City than in the previous year, and adds information on the time required from public transportation and the availability of parking lots. In addition, basic information has been made more visible by using icons on the map. In addition, a new pet profile page has been added to provide information such as the pet's name, personality, allergies, and medications. The listings cover a wide range of hospitals in the city, from family veterinary hospitals to hospitals that provide nighttime emergency and specialized care, as well as hospitals that treat exotic animals.

Animal Hospital MAP 2nd Edition Cover

Excerpts from the second edition of "Animal Hospital MAP" (pages 3-6)

The publication will be available at the Kawaguchi City Hall Hatogaya Building (Life and Sanitation Section), the Kawaguchi City Hall Main Building, the Kawaguchi Ekimae Administration Center, and the Kawaguchi City Public Health Center, all of which cooperated in the publication. Please pick up a copy and take a look.

The "Kawaguchi City Animal Hospital MAP" is available at the Hatogaya Building of the Kawaguchi City Hall (Consumer Hygiene Section).

Outline of Kawaguchi City Animal Hospital MAP 2nd Edition

Title :Kawaguchi City Animal Hospital MAP

Size :A5 size

Number of pages :46 pages

Location (free distribution): Kawaguchi City Hall Hatogaya Building (Consumer Health Section), Kawaguchi City Hall Main Building,

          Kawaguchi City Public Health Center

Contents: Veterinary hospital maps for each district in Kawaguchi City,

          details of veterinary hospitals (location, telephone number, hours of operation, days off, parking

          parking lot, features, 2D barcode on the website, etc.),

          Veterinary hospitals that specialize in house calls and can make house calls, and a pet column,

          Pet Profile

Supervisor: Animal Protection Section, Public Hygiene Division, Kawaguchi City Public Health Center

Date of issue: Sunday, March 31, 2024

Publisher : Seraph Enomoto Co.

*Only veterinary hospitals that have given permission to be listed are listed in the MAP.

Questionnaire survey is now being conducted.

We are currently conducting a questionnaire to ask those who have viewed the map what kind of impressions and opinions they have.

You can answer the questionnaire by clicking the 2D barcode on the back cover of the map.

We would appreciate your cooperation in this survey, which will be used to help us create even better maps in the future.

Seraph Enomoto Co.

Founded in 1963. Last July, the company celebrated its 60th anniversary. In March 2022, the company launched an initiative to realize the SDGs.

TEL : 048-265-1883

Head office location: 2-34-16 Shibanakada, Kawaguchi-shi, Saitama 333-0847

Number of employees : 93

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