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Grand Prize for August 10 "Heart Day" and "Mother's Day" to watch! Dramatization of the episode of the best work! Completed works to be shown on YouTube!

Mother, tears of joy.Stories to experience on May 12, "Mother's Day".


Career Design International K.K. (Location: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative: Fumiko Watanabe), a planning and production company for the August 10, 2023 "Heart Day" anniversary, has invited submissions for the "Dramatize your heartwarming experience! The best story among the submissions was dramatized and released on YouTube.

The stories are about heartwarming experiences of mothers and daughters. We recommend that you use them as a reference for your own "Mother's Day" this year.

Dramatize your experiences! Call for Stories

Dramatize your heartwarming experiences! Stories】】 <First Prize

<The best story will be

The Anniversary for Two" (Japanese only)


A mother and her child were busy with work, but she did her best to raise her daughter. The story is about a day that will remain in the hearts of a mother and her daughter, who are both preparing to graduate from high school and are hard at work.

[Request for cooperation].

Actually, we have not been able to notify the completion of this award because of the situation that we have not been able to send an e-mail to this awardee, "Tanaka 3-san. We are planning to hold an award ceremony on August 10 this year, so if Mr. Tanaka 3-san sees this news, please contact us at ( )! We hope this article reaches Mr. Tanaka3.

*August 10, "Heart Day," was established by the Japan Anniversary Association in 2010 to encourage people to build good relationships at home and at work by saying thank you and I'm sorry, which are usually difficult to say, and to help people live a healthy and happy life for 100 years.

We are planning to hold a contest for "Heart Day" on August 10 this year, so we are looking forward to receiving your submissions!

Heart Day HP: ]

Heart Day

Company Profile

Company name: Career Design International, Inc.

Representative: Fumiko Watanabe, President

Location: IOS Toranomon 1106, 1-6-12 Nishi-Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0003, Japan

Establishment: June 1999

Business description: Organizational and human resource development support, system development

Capital : 10 million yen


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