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Telescope Handy Fan" is now available on Makuake The project has been started on Makuake, a website for supporting and purchasing.

First in Japan! Drone technology mounted on a handy fan! Handy Fan is now this small! Two foldable wings can be used continuously for 20 hours! The wind goes straight and does not disturb the surroundings!


A Insight Corporation (Minato-ku, Tokyo) started a project to support and purchase the "Gyuto Telescopic Telescope Handy Fan" on May 7, 2024, and reached its goal in just four days.

This telescope fan has various features with a blade structure equipped with drone technology.

Project page:

The handy fan is so compact!


1. foldable blades for compact storage & easy removal. 2!

2. handy but with a built-in battery for an astonishing 20 hours of use!

3. emergency stop and battery protection function. 4!

4. fresh breeze all to yourself! No wind to the people around you! Air volume can be adjusted in 3 levels!

Foldable blades for compact storage and easy removal.

Two propellers are independent like a drone. Like a telescope, the rotating part expands and contracts for compact storage. The palm size allows for easy storage in any location. You can easily experience a cool breeze anytime, anywhere.

The telescope fan weighs only 117g, which is lighter than a mouse and can be used for a long time, making it very useful for outdoor activities.

Easy storage and removal

The built-in battery can be used for an astonishing 20 hours even though it is a handy device.

The Telescope Handy Fan has realized long-hour operation and quiet operation by using a high-capacity battery and reducing the rotational load of the wings.

With a large-capacity 1200mAh battery, it can be used continuously for about 20 hours. (at low speed)

Charging time is about 1.4 hours. The battery can be recharged during lunch break.

The reason for the 20 hours of continuous use is the feather technology.

The technology of drone blades, which require long flight time, is adopted. 2 blades have less air resistance and save energy. The two blades save energy by reducing air resistance, enabling long hours of operation. Furthermore, fewer blades means less wind noise.

The air conditioner can be used for about 8 hours even in the strong mode. It will continue to send a cool breeze while you are out.

Emergency stop and battery protection function included.

The propeller is made of soft rubber. The fan stops when it touches an obstacle.

The battery protection circuit controls the battery cells so that they will not be continuously charged when they are fully charged. The battery protection circuit prevents further charging of the fully charged battery cells.

Enjoy the refreshing breeze all to yourself! It does not send wind to people around you. The wind volume can be adjusted in 3 levels.

This wind power even in a small body. The wind force is about 3.2 m/s (in strong mode), which is enough to move leaves and small twigs.

The two blades send a strong, direct wind. The reason why two blades are used in drones is because straight wind is necessary to keep the drone afloat.

The Telescope Handy Fan sends a comfortable breeze only to you.

This compact size comes with three levels of airflow adjustment.

Structure of drone blades

<Easy to operate>.

Number of switch pushes

1 push: Power on, sleep mode

2 pushes: Natural mode

3 pushes: Strong mode

4 pushes: Power off

The telescope fan is compact and lightweight, making it useful in a variety of situations.

About Returns

The super early bird price is 1,880 yen (55% off).

The support purchase project will be open for supporters until May 30, 2024.

The website is here.