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Ohagi specialty store deep in the mountains of Izu to release original song "Uneven Ohagi" on May 13! May 13 release! Music video showing the familiarity of ohagi.

合同会社 芳川商店

Yoshikawa Shoten (located in Izu-no-kuni City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Representative: Keiichi Yoshikawa), an o-hagi specialty store deep in the mountains of Izu, has released a new original song, "Unconcave Ohagi" on Monday, May 13, 2024, and released a music video on YouTube.

Music video "Convex & Concave Ohagi" (Japanese only)

Ohagi (image)

Convex and Concave Ohagi

◆About the original song "Unconcave Ohagi

Song written and composed by Mariko Yoshino, illustrated by Pirika, produced by Izu Ohagami's Ohagi

This song was created in order to make "ohagi", a traditional food, more familiar to children, and to help many children become interested in "ohagi" and "ingredients" (= the starting point of food education).

The questions include: "What is the bean paste and soybean flour made of? How is ground sesame made? Why do we eat o-hagi on the far shore? We hope that nursery school and kindergarten teachers and other adults who are close to children will communicate with children about these simple questions.

We believe that the first step in nutrition education is to embody the interest in "food" and the "joy of listening and knowing" in conversations with children, using this song as a starting point.

We hope that many of you will sing along with us with a smile.

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■Singer-songwriter Mariko Yoshino (from Fuji City, Shizuoka Prefecture)

Graduated from Tokyo College of Music with a degree in vocal performance. After graduation, she started her career as a singer-songwriter, and while working as a music instructor, she has been working on creating songs on the theme of "sweets" since 2019.

She has also been featured in the music magazine Player and has received high praise for the quality of her work.

Representative works : chou a la creme(*), Invisible, Oath

HP :

TikTok :

Instagram :

(*) The "e" after the "r" in "creme" is a letter with a grave accent.

Illustrator Pirika (Born in Tokyo, currently lives in Obihiro City, Hokkaido)

Born in Tokyo. She started working in Hokkaido because of her Ainu name (real name: Mirikawa).

Currently, she and her husband are aiming to start farming in Tokachi, Hokkaido.

She draws daily events and the great nature of Tokachi in a leisurely manner.

Representative works: "Farmer's Yome! Communication".

Instagram @pirikanoka

◆Company Profile

Company name: Yoshikawa Shoten Limited Liability Company

Representative: Keiichi Yoshikawa, Representative Partner

Location: 1239-187 Chojabaru, Izunokuni, Shizuoka, 410-2312 Japan

Date of establishment: November 25, 2022

Business description: Japanese confectionery manufacturer, specializing in o-hagi (rice cake)

Capital : 5 million yen



A store specializing in o-hagi deep in the mountains of Izu.

There are only three types of o-hagi: anko (red bean paste), uguisu kinako (soybean flour), and sesame.

The ingredients are carefully selected and handmade one by one to be sold on the same day.

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