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The original hair clips "Grande size" in 22 colors are now available from the hair accessory brand "acca"! Hair clip "Grande size" total 22 colors! The first batch will go on sale on May 22!

株式会社ストゥーディオ アッカ

The hair accessory brand "acca" (operated by Studio Acca Co., Ltd., headquartered in Minato-ku, Tokyo), which was created using a unique European method, combining creative director Hiromi Kusuhara's aesthetic sense, traditional Italian casting techniques, and advanced French embroidery techniques, will launch its The newest products embodying the concept of "Glamorous luxury

" will be released on May 22 (Wed.), 2024, in two installments.

The new products will be available in limited edition colors of the Grande size (hereafter "G size"), which is an original creation of acca.

The G size has a larger, more adorable design with the same rounded form as the small size currently being offered.

It has the same holding power as the larger size hair clips, and the larger handle makes it easy to open and close even with a little force. It can hold even thick strands of hair securely in place, and we are confident that it is easy to use.

This special size clip will be available exclusively in the first and second series of carefully selected designs from the popular series.

Selected designs from the popular series will be released in two installments

The "New Collana Series" and "Phantom Jewel Series," which boast enduring popularity, will be available in G size on May 22 (Wed.). The "Phantom Jewel Series" will also be available in new colors.

New Corana Series] Total of 6 colors

The name "Corana" means "necklace" in Italian. This series features decorations that look like you are wearing a necklace and shimmer elegantly. It features beautiful colors inspired by the Modelismo/Barcelona Collection. The large, rounded crystal glass chain is used to give a more lovely impression.

New Collana Series: 6 colors in total

Phantom Jewel Series: 3 colors in total

A new, more beautiful dark color from the popular phantom jewel clip with a delicate luster has appeared.

The clips create light reflected from uneven surfaces, locking in a luxurious glow.

Phantom Jewel Series] 3 colors in total

Product Outline

New Collana Clip G size

Item No:70324003

Color: Coral (CORAL) / Mink (MINK) / Navy (NV) / Pink (PK) / Beige (PKBG)

    / Salvia green (SALVIA)

Size: 5.5 cm (width), 4 cm (height), 4 cm (depth), 4.2 cm (length)

Price :17,600 yen (tax included)

Phantom jewel Clip G size

Item No:70324005

Color : Brown (BN) / Green (GN) / Navy (NV)

Size : width 5.5 cm, height 4 cm, depth 4.2 cm

Price: 24,200 yen (tax included)

The second series will also be available in limited colors on June 5 (Wed.).

【Barbie Series】Total 7 colors

A simple series with no ornaments. The deep marble colors of the resin stand out. The color variation expresses the beauty of nature. The color scheme is based on the theme of nuts, from light tones to deep dark colors.

【Tiara Series】Total of 6 colors

A hair clip with large crystals embedded one by one as if wearing a tiara, providing the perfect sparkle for party occasions.

The color scheme is characterized by similar tones that create an elegant and classical impression.

These G size hair clips promise the fine design and quality that only acca can offer.

The release will be in limited quantities, so please purchase as soon as possible.

acca is committed to providing products that will satisfy our customers, always in pursuit of the best beauty and style.

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GRANDE SIZE CLIP Special Feature:

Selected designs from the popular series are now available in two installments


■Company Profile

Studio acca Ltd.

Representative : Hiromi Kusuhara, CEO

Location: 7-13-32 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062

Representative: 0570-011662 (weekdays from 10:00 to 18:00)

E-Mail :


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