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TRUNK Hon Atsugi, a community-based commercial building in front of Odakyu Hon Atsugi Station Grand opening on June 7 (Friday)

Provides a place for activities necessary for daily life, such as food, beauty, and medical care


Store Distribution Net, Inc. (Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Minoru Ishii), which provides comprehensive support for urban development centered on stores, announces the grand opening of TRUNK Hon Atsugi, a commercial building in front of Hon Atsugi Station, Odakyu, on Friday, June 7, 2024.

Grand Opening Main Visual

About TRUNK Hon Atsugi

TRUNK Hon Atsugi is a community-based commercial building that was comprehensively produced by the TRN Group, which has been involved in more than 4,000 store openings nationwide, from building acquisition to renovation work and store leasing. The office building formerly occupied by the Atsugi branch of Suruga Bank was transformed into a commercial building that attracts local residents, a project that realizes the TRN Group's slogan, "Tomorrow's Town, More Fun. The project is also a realization of the TRN Group's slogan, "Make tomorrow's town more enjoyable.

The grand opening will be held on June 7 (Fri.) with a variety of unique tenants, including restaurants, cafes, beauty shops, relaxation facilities, medical facilities, and daily necessities stores. The 12-story glass-walled building, which stands out from the surrounding buildings, will contribute to the further development of the area in front of Hon Atsugi Station as a new place of communication for the local community.

TRUNK Hon Atsugi_Front

TRUNK Hon Atsugi" will be close to the daily lives of local residents, including restaurants, beauty salons, clinics, and daily necessities.

TRUNK Hon Atsugi, based on the concept of "Community of Real Life," will provide local residents with the services and activities they need in their daily lives. At the time of the grand opening on Friday, June 7, seven tenants are scheduled to open their doors, and more tenants, including bars and cafes, are scheduled to open in the future. The list of stores is as follows.

List of stores

List of open stores

Outline of TRUNK Hon Atsugi

Property Name : TRUNK Hon Atsugi

Location : 2-1-18 Naka-machi, Atsugi-shi, Kanagawa Prefecture

Building Structure : Steel-framed structure, 12 floors above ground

Site area : 651.18 square meters

Total floor area :3990.40 square meters

Access :1 min. walk from North Exit of Hon Atsugi Station on Odakyu Odawara Line

Completion date : January 2024

Grand opening : June 7, 2024

Tenants :Restaurants, retail stores, service stores, medical/beauty, etc.

TRUNK Hon Atsugi_Map

■TRN Group's urban development specializing in "retail real estate in station-front locations

TRN Group acquires and develops properties specializing in retail real estate in station-front locations. We provide one-stop services from the purchase of land for development, design, and construction, to leasing and management. When purchasing existing income-producing properties, we provide legal cure and remediation work to find liquidity in retail real estate, which tends to be weak in terms of legal compliance. The TRN Group owns or funds a total of 24 properties under the two brands "TRN" and "TRUNK".

Properties owned] 17 buildings

TRUNK Kariya

TRUNK Hon Atsugi

TRUNK Akihabara (under construction)

TRN Shinbashi

TRN Shimbashi Annex

TRN Jimbocho

TRN Minami Shinagawa

TRN Higashi-Ikebukuro

TRN Meidaimae

TRN Tachikawa

TRN Tokorozawa

TRN Kamakura

TRN Shinsaibashi

TRN Kawagoe Nishiguchi

TRN Shinjuku Plaza

Yanagibashi Food Market

A*G SAKAE *Name to be changed

Fund properties] 7 buildings

TRUNK Azabujuban

TRUNK Osaka Fukushima

TRUNK Nagoya Tsubaki-cho

TRN Shinjuku

TRN Omiya

TRN Kawagoe

TRN Yokohama Tsuruya-cho

About TRN Group

The TRN Group consists of Store Ryutsu Net Corporation, which provides comprehensive store support services as its core business; TRN City Partners Corporation, which provides store real estate services; TRN Capital Management Corporation, which provides investment development, CVC, and M&A brokerage services; TRN Investment Management Corporation, which provides real estate investment services; and Ani Corporation, which develops and sells POS cash register systems. Ltd., a real estate investment company; TRN Investment Management Corporation, a real estate investment company; and Ani Corporation, a POS cash register system development and sales company.

The corporate slogan of the company is "Tomorrow's Town, More Fun. Under the corporate slogan of "Make Tomorrow's Towns More Fun," we will realize a better future by providing comprehensive support for everything related to people and towns through our stores.

Corporate Profile of TRN City Partners K.K.

TRN City Partners K.K. will further accelerate the Group's corporate slogan, "Tomorrow's Town, More Fun," from the perspective of real estate services. TRN City Partners Corporation was established as an organization specializing in the acquisition, development, leasing, and management of retail real estate in order to further accelerate the Group's corporate slogan, "Make Tomorrow's City More Enjoyable," from the real estate service side. Through the development and management of attractive retail properties, we will continue to be the best partner for the development of the city and enrich the daily lives of its residents.

Location: 20F Shiodome Shibarikyu Building, 1-2-3 Kaigan, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0022, Japan

Representative: Minoru Ishii, President and Representative Director


Business description: Urban development, leasing management,

      Urban development, leasing management, construction management, property management

Company profile of Tenko Ryutsu Net Co.

Since its establishment in 2000, Tenpo Ryutsu Net Co., Ltd. has supported more than 4,000 restaurant openings as a pioneer in the "outsourced restaurant management business. Currently, the company is developing a variety of business models, such as domestic and international human resources business, construction business, AI development through open innovation, and operation of food loss reduction services, with the aim of achieving 100 businesses.

Location: 20F Shiodome Shibarikyu Building, 1-2-3 Kaigan, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0022, Japan

Representative: Minoru Ishii, Chairman of the Board, President and CEO, TRN Group


Business description: Store leasing business, human resources business, construction business

Inquiries regarding properties

Leasing Section, TRN City Partners K.K.

TEL : 03-5777-4164



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