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Generates SBOM and reports vulnerability risks SBOM Scanner" to be Released on April 30 Now accepting applications for trials

~ In-house diagnostics can be performed without sending data outside the company.


Science Park Corporation (Location: Zama City, Kanagawa Prefecture; CEO: Koichiro Koji), a developer and seller of cyber security products, released "SBOM Scanner," which can generate SBOM (Software Bill of Materials) from binary files in a PC environment, on April 30. The company also started accepting applications for trials in conjunction with the release of the product. A trial is now being accepted in conjunction with the release.

SBOM Scanner" URL:

Product Logo

Development Background

In recent years, SBOM has been attracting attention due to trends in legal systems in Europe and the United States. In Japan, from the viewpoint of supply chain risk, the Japanese ministries and agencies have been conducting SBOM demonstration projects and industry associations have been studying the use of SBOM. Currently, most SBOM creation tools are overseas products or cloud services, and their high cost and security risks have been an issue.

■Product Features

*Simple functionality

SBOM Scanner is a simple product that creates SBOM from binary files and reports vulnerability risks of listed software by comparing them with CVE vulnerability information. The generated SBOM format supports SPDX and Cyclone DX.

Secure Operation

The SBOM scanner runs on a PC, so the software to be analyzed does not need to be outside the company. It can also be run in an offline environment.

Ease of Introduction and Support in Japan

To install the SBOM scanner, simply install the software package on your PC. The product is also supported by Science Park, allowing for flexible and quick response.

Product Usage Image

Product screen

Product Overview

Product name: SBOM Scanner

Release date: April 30, 2024 (Tuesday)

Price: 1 license, 1.2 million yen per year (excluding tax)


Company Profile

Company name: Science Park Corporation

Representative: Koichiro Shoji, President

Location: 3-24-9 Iriya-nishi, Zama, Kanagawa 252-0029, Japan

Establishment : May 1995

Development, sales, and support of cyber security software

      Development, sales, and support of security development support kit (Driverware SDK),

      Development, sales and support of security development support kit (Driverware SDK)

      Development of device drivers

      Vulnerability Assessment Services

      AI/DX consulting

Capital : 40 million yen


For inquiries from customers regarding this matter, please contact

Science Park Corporation Customer Service Center

TEL : 046-255-2544

Inquiry form:


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