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Rugless Protein presents "Word vol.2 Re:time held at Fukuoka Toyota Hall Scala Espacio on August 17!

Fukuoka Toyota Hall at Scala Espacio Diverse artists collaborate across genres


Word" is a challenging one-night-only stage created by a group of artists who express words. This year, new artists have joined to make the second "Word vol.2 Re:time", and the content is even more profound with the addition of jazz, Japanese drums, street dance, Latin dance, pair dance, wago (erhu), and ballet/contemporary dance.

Ragless Protein, a company planned and marketed by Hot Slim Co., Ltd. has decided to support this stage where all cultures intersect.

Word vol.2 Re:time

What is "Word vol.2 Re:time"?

This is a challenging stage featuring the work of MURAMASU Katsuyuki, an illustrator/conceptor who visualizes word play, in collaboration with Japanese drums, jazz, Latin pair, street ballet, contemporary dance, and other forms of dance.

By collaborating across genre boundaries on the theme of "language," the festival aims to create new possibilities and foster cultural literacy in the local Fukuoka community through the sharing of a fan base.

In addition, to promote emotional education, Japanese culture and entertainment culture, tickets normally priced at 3,000 yen will be sold at a special price of 500 yen for infants to high school students, and 1,000 yen for university students and foreign residents.

New Participating Artists

Reina Garrucci

[Dance] Reina Garrucci

Born in 1996 in Fukuoka, Japan, Garci studied at the Slovak National Ballet School in 2012.

In 2014, she joined a ballet company in Connecticut, USA (Mystic Ballet2) with a scholarship. The following year, she attended the Munich International Ballet School in Munich, Germany, where she studied classical ballet, variation, contemporary dance, character, jazz, and hip-hop dance with local dancers and instructors, She studied classical ballet, variation, contemporary dance, character dance, jazz, hip-hop, and other genres of dance at the Munich International Ballet School. In the same year, she won the second place in individual contemporary dance and the first place in group dance at an international competition in Vienna.

She received a special film award from a former principal of the Hungarian National Ballet and was invited to Hungary to film her work. The following year, she joined the Czech ballet company (South Bohemian Theater) as a trainee, and during a performance in her second year, she fell from a height of 3 meters and was seriously injured. She attempted treatment in the Czech Republic and Germany, but was unable to return to the ballet. She returned to Japan for treatment and overcame five months of painful treatment to make a full recovery.

In 2018, the director of the Stadttheater Bremerhaven Ballet in Germany asked her to perform as a substitute on short notice, and she was recognized for her abilities and joined the company as a regular member.

As a professional dancer, she has performed in many ballets and musicals. In 2019, she will be selected as the main character and perform on many stages, including as the villain Babaya in "The Firebird".

In 2020, she decided to leave the ballet company to pursue her own unique performance based in Japan, making the most of the experience she gained abroad.

In July 2021, she performed as a dancer in the opening ceremony of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. In November of the same year, she founded the dancer group "REstory" (Restory), and performed in the Awaji Art Circus 2022. Appeared in a TV commercial for Caesar's Inc. Performed at Christmas markets in Fukuoka and Kumamoto. She also directs and choreographs productions.

She is currently active as a contemporary dancer, instructor, choreographer, and dancer-model.

Lise Kawada

[Piano] Lise Kawada (numajazz Project)

She has studied classical piano since her childhood and has won many prizes in piano competitions.

She became interested in jazz piano at the age of 17 and received a full scholarship from Berklee College of Music to study abroad for a short term in the summer of 2015.

In 2017, he organized and led his own piano trio on a tour of the Kansai region. Currently based in Fukuoka, he performs in a variety of genres including jazz, R&B, and pops.

Satochi Return

[Wago player/singer-songwriter] Satochi Kui

The music played by Satochi Ki is one of the "places you can return to like a hometown" for you.

Based in Fukuoka, she is active in Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, and other Asian countries.

After encountering the erhu, a traditional Asian musical instrument, and becoming active as a storyteller, he began making his own instruments to "pursue a more personal sound. After several years of working with Japanese instrument makers, he created the "Wagu" using Japanese cedar, zelkova, and Japanese paper. (Winner of the Wood Design Award 2015)

As a one-of-a-kind wagu player, his activities have expanded to the world, and he has been invited to many events sponsored by the Taiwanese government. He also focuses on international exchange activities through music, giving concerts at schools in Taiwan and holding exchange events with music groups.



Came to Japan from Cuba 14 years ago. She has given lessons and performances in Fukuoka, Kyushu, Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, and other cities in Japan to promote Latin dance and Cuban culture, and has performed at the Fukuoka Pair Dance Festival in 2021, the Wind Rueda Festival in 2022 and 2023, Familia Fiesta, PEGAO SOCIAL SALSARELAJANTE Vol.20, Paradigm Revolution, Tropical Cuban Night Vol.2, etc. in 2022 and 2023.

Host MC/dancer for Japan's largest Latin party "YONAGUNIFIESTA in Fukuoka".




SWING-O is a pianist and producer who has left his mark in Japan with his style that traverses SOUL, HIP HOP, CLUB JAZZ, and BLUES in every direction. He is the current keyboardist of FLYING KIDS, and the banmouth of DOBERMAN INFINITY. He is the current keyboardist for the FLYING KIDS and the banmouth for DOBERMAN INFINITY. He has worked with artists such as Bulletproof Shodan, Rhymester, Tsuyoshi Domoto, Ai, bird, Chitose Moto, Shota Shimizu, Zeebra, Masayoshi Yamazaki, Yu Sakai, KREVA, YO-KING, JAY'ED, wyolica, Kyoto Jazz Massive, DOBERMAN INFINITY, Fusanosuke Kondo, and others. He has also gained recognition abroad and has released albums throughout Europe. 2023: Started the project SAROxSWING-O with tap dancer SARO. 2024.2.21 Participated in DOBERMAN INFINITY singer Kazuki Hayashi's 1st single "Tokyo". 2024. In May 2024, the 6th 7inch record was released as 45trio led by SWING-O. A man who has never stopped transmitting his music.

Outline of "Word vol.2 Re:time

Date : August 17, 2024 (Saturday)

Venue : Fukuoka Toyota Hall Scala Espacio

        (F.T Building B2F, 4-8-28 Watanabe-dori, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka)

Performers : numajazz Project / Shinsuke Ikewaki, Kana & Japanese Culture & Performing Arts Isshikai/


        GERENTE PROJECT/GARUCHI Reina/Muramasu Katsuyuki/

Speaker : Aki Koga

Time : open 14:00 / start 15:00

Fee : 3,000 yen *3,500 yen at the door (tax included)

        University students and foreign residents 1,000 yen

        Infants to high school students 500 yen

Sponsor : GERENTE PROJECT/numajazz project/numajazz project

        Shinsuke Ikewaki, Kana & Japanese Culture Performing Arts Isshikai / Familia del Casino

        Satochi Ki / CHOCO / MURAMASU Katsuyuki

Sponsor : Rugless Protein


Ticket purchase:

Other Artists Information

numajazz Project

[Jazz Band]numajazz Project

Formed in 2022 by Takuya Onuma, a psychologist and part-time bassist, this literary jazz band focuses on modern arrangements of old numbers that have been sung for nearly 100 years, while reflecting on the state of the human heart in the songs.

Bass Takuya Onuma / Vocal Kagetsu Sugawara / Drums Takahiro Azuma / Piano Lise Kawada

Shinsuke Ikewaki, Kana Ikewaki


Wadaiko drum group WAKO - Rising Sun

Based in Fukuoka, Japan, WAKO is a group of people fascinated by the possibilities, musicality, and mystique of taiko. They are a group of people who are fascinated by the possibilities, music, and mystery of taiko.

Shinsuke Ikewaki

A taiko drummer active throughout Japan, Ikewaki collaborates with a wide variety of musical genres, including jazz, rock, and orchestral music.

Performed live entrance music for WWE's Shinsuke Nakup at NOAH's Nippon Budokan Tournament on January 1, 2023; Best Director and Cast Award at the 2018 Monaco International Film Festival; performed in the film "Golden Earth"; performed and supervised taiko performances in "Hasebo Swing Boys" starring Hanamaru Hakata from July to August 2021; performed and supervised taiko performances in "The Great Muta vs. Organizer of "Fukuoka Wa no Matsuri" at Hakataza Theater in December 2022 and 2023.

Kana Ikewaki

Kimono model, lecturer, stage director, and Japan's only Furisode performer who combines Obi Knot Dance and Furisode Drumming. 2005 Kimono Model Audition Grand Prix winner. 2014 Performer at Tokyo Olympic Forum. 2021 Performer in "Hasebo Swing Boys" at Hakata-za Theater, led by Hanamaru Hakata. Performances of "Swing Boys" at Hakataza Theater and Osaka Shinkabuki-za Theater in 2021.


[Dance] SHOKO

Shoko founded the dance studio "Familia del Casino" in 2014 after realizing that the fusion of Latin culture, which is good at communication, and Japanese culture, which values civility and manners, has great potential to contribute to society. Performances. She performed as a guest performer at the closing ceremony of the 2019 Cuban International Music Festival, where she performed the important part of the festival, the grand finale. Appearance on Cuban TV program.

Organized "The 1st Rueda Festival of the Wind" as an event to experience Cuban culture at Maizuru Park and Konohana Plaza in November 2022. Stage events with a variety of performers, workshops, and food and sundry stores. As a grand finale, the event challenged 1,000 people to dance "Rueda," a Cuban communication culture, and was well received.



Nippu Koshikai: GERENTE PROJECT conveys the culture, landscape, and history of Japan/Kyushu to the world through a variety of performances. In the same year, he obtained the FUKUOKA STREET LIVE license.

In 2021, she will perform at the Fukuoka Pair Dance Festival, and in 2022, she will be a guest performer at the Nokonoshima International Film Festival, Mrs. of the Year Fukuoka 2022, and the Fukuoka Castle 520,000 Goku Summer Festival. Produced a video work with the full cooperation of Kaido Shrine (Shiraishi Town, Saga Prefecture). Directed and performed in the opening act of the "1st Rueda Festival of the Wind at Maizuru Park," and organized, directed, and performed in the "Stage Word vol. 1 time" in 2023. Performed in "Fukuoka Wa no Matsuri [Hakataza] 2023," "Opening Ceremony for the 15th Anniversary of the Friendship Ties between Fukuoka Prefecture and Hanoi," "Bayside Place Hakata, Seaside Presentation 2023," "TOMORROW FES. MUSIC CAMP," and "The 2nd Rueda Festival of the Wind.

MURAMASU Katsuyuki

[Art]Muramasu Katsuyuki

Illustrator of the style of "visualizing word play.

Through his artworks, he stares at himself from a new angle and works as a conceptor to find "love" in the world.

Love is art.

Struggle is beauty.

Aki Koga

[Narrator] Aki Koga

Currently working as a radio personality at radio stations in Fukuoka and Saga. He loves music, MLB and anime.

KBC Radio "PAO~N

(Every Monday-Friday 13:00-16:00)

In charge of Mondays

DJ Sawada Desu" (every Sunday at 20:00)

(Every Sunday from 20:00 to 20:30)


In charge of Friday (16:00-19:00)

Rugless Protein, which supports the activities of young artists and women, also supports this project.

Rugless Protein (Green Tea flavor)

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