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Safety Answer, a service that anonymizes e-mail addresses, New Introduction Campaign with up to 50% discount starts on May 10, 2024.

The service is useful for "Harassment Consultation Service" and "Customer Support Service" very much.


Internet Business Research Institute, a nonprofit organization that provides web services for Internet providers and administrative systems (headquartered in Nerima-ku, Tokyo; Kanami Hara, President), shes launched a campaign to introduce "SafetyAnswer," a service that anonymizes e-mail addresses, The campaign will start on May 10, 2024, offering up to 50% off the first year's annual fee for new subscribers.


What is SafetyAnswer?

SafetyAnswer is an e-mail service that allows users to receive incoming e-mails with anonymized sender addresses, and when replying to e-mails received with an anonymous address, e-mails can be accurately delivered to the sender of the original e-mail.

When you receive an e-mail through SafetyAnswer, an anonymous address is assigned to each sender address. The recipient of the e-mail will then receive the e-mail as if it were sent from the anonymized address. It is impossible to determine the real address from the anonymized address, and the only way to send an e-mail to the sender is to reply to the e-mail through the SafetyAnswer system.

Furthermore, only the address of the person receiving the email can send to the anonymized address.

It is secure enough that even if someone steals your email and tries to send it without permission, the email will not be accepted.

Anonymization of e-mail addresses protects personal information. 1.

The main features of SafetyAnswer are

(1) Anonymized sender's address is used to receive e-mail.

(2) When sending to an anonymous email address, the email is correctly delivered to the sender of the email

(3) The anonymous email address is only for the recipient of the email, and even if it is leaked to others, the email will not be sent.

The anonymous email address is only for the recipient of the email and is not used to anyone else.

(1) Ideal for "Harassment Consultation Counters" because the sender's address can be anonymized and replies can be made.

Ideal for a harassment consultation counter. 2.

(2) If it is used as a customer e-mail reception desk, it will prevent customer e-mail addresses from accumulating in the organization.

Since you don't have real e-mail addresses, there will be no accidental leakage of e-mail address information.

Accidents would not have occurred if we did not have e-mail addresses. 3.

(3) If you use this service when you outsource your business, you can rest assured that your customers' e-mail addresses will not be revealed and you can control the replies to your customers.

Secure outsourcing. 4.

The easiest way to obtain an anonymous means of communication.

Anyone who has access to e-mail can use this service without the need for special software.

Anonymization of e-mail addresses is achieved by sending and receiving e-mail through a special e-mail address called a "Known Address". There are two ways to use a "Known Address", one way is to pay for it from SafetyAnswer, and the other is to prepare your own address. There is no difference in the ability to anonymize the sender's e-mail address in either case.

By simply using SafetyAnswer and preparing an address to receive anonymous e-mail, users can easily set up a "Harassment Consultation Desk" or "Customer Support Desk". All the user needs to prepare is his/her usual e-mail environment and the staff who will respond to the consultation. All you need to do is to inform your company and customers of the e-mail address of the contact point, and you can start your business immediately.

[New Introduction Campaign]

For new users only, the first year's annual fee is 50% off at 6,600 yen (1 Known Address, tax included).

Significant discounts are also available for multiple addresses and dedicated domains.

For more information, please visit the following website



Example of price (tax included)

Mail ID unit

1 "Known Address" and 3 forwarding addresses per year 13,200 yen → 6,600 yen (50% off for the first year)

Up to three forwarding addresses can be registered and operated using either the address provided by SafetyAnswer or one address provided by the user.

Dedicated domain type

10 "Known Address" and 30 forwarding addresses Annual fee: 139,700 yen → 94,600 yen (first year)

Initial fee 132,000 yen → 66,000 yen, etc.

Company Profile

Company name: Internet Business Research Institute, a nonprofit organization.

Head Office: 4-17-9 Higashioizumi, Nerima-ku, Tokyo


      Contact: Hara, Secretariat

Establishment : September 2003

Business Activities:

Collaboration with government

Internet provider business (General Type II Telecommunications Business A-15-06088)

Development and sales of computer software

Planning, development, design and consulting of computer networks

All businesses incidental to the above


Virtualization technology of mail address

RSF File Exchange Service / SafetyCarrier

Private secretary service

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