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Box Only Blues," a game in which a cardboard box becomes a controller coming to Nintendo Switch(TM) from May 2!

Experiential action game in which a real box is used as a controller

Wataru Nakano × MIYAZAWORKS

Game creator unit Wataru Nakano x MIYAZAWORKS will release "Box Only Blues", a download-only game for Nintendo Switch(TM) on May 2, 2024.

Game Title

The game is a unique experiential action game in which the player controls a "real box" as a controller. The player assumes the role of a "man who lost his clothes in a game of yakyuken" and aims to return home while hiding in the box to avoid detection by passersby.

Players need to prepare a box large enough to hold their body in advance, place the Nintendo Switch(TM) Joy-Con(R)(TM) near the box, and use the IR camera to detect the silhouette of the box to control it. Some operations on the title screen and pause screen are performed with the Joy-Con(L)(TM), but basically the only operation during gameplay is raising and lowering the box.

The content has been greatly enhanced from the original version.

The game takes place out of a residential area at night, through a rural area and on an airplane, and then to a large city.

What is waiting for the man who thought he had returned home safely?

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Play Style

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This game, which attracted a lot of attention in 2018 with its exhibits at the indie game festival BitSummit and the Tokyo Game Show, and later appeared in a TV variety show, is now finally coming to the Nintendo Switch after a love call from Nintendo staff! The release date is May 2, 2024.

The release date is May 2, 2024. Downloadable from the Nintendo eShop. Price: 800 yen (tax included).

Download URL:

URL of the official website of "Box Only Blues":

*The name of the seller in the store is "Takuhiro Miyazawa

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