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NUARL and Audiodo, a Personal Sound System, Form Partnership Partnership Signed


MTI Corporation (Location: Toshima-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Keijie Chang) and Audiodo, a Swedish company that provides personal sound technology, have signed a technical cooperation agreement. 

As part of NUARL's approach to playback devices that address the unique hearing characteristics of each individual, last year NUARL introduced Overture, a wired earphone system that allows users to adjust the way they hear sound by changing the sound tube (tonal nozzle) to their personal preference. 

Audiodo's technology is an ideal solution for NUARL's goal of "Sound Personalization" in the field of digital audio, and the two companies have decided to enter into a partnership. NUARL plans to actively develop products that incorporate Audiodo's Personal Sound technology.

As the first product, NUARL has decided to incorporate Audiodo's Personal Sound into the X878 (tentative name), a fully wireless earphone with a hybrid MEMS & dynamic driver and dual DAC bi-amplifier drive, which is currently under development.

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<About Audiodo

Headquartered in Malmö, Sweden, Audiodo is a cutting-edge company that has deployed its 30 years of advanced expertise in acoustic algorithms as cutting-edge audio personalization technology for consumers. Created by engineers who are passionate music lovers, Audiodo Personal Sound offers tailor-made sound quality generated using digital signal processing capabilities, enabling all music lovers to experience perfect and unparalleled audio quality. For more information about Audiodo, please visit

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NATURAL & NEUTRAL: Natural comfort, neutral existence. NUARL is a product that fits naturally into everyday life. Functional beauty derived from every element, including materials, shapes, and technology; a quiet form without excessive design; and time spent together. NUARL products are developed in Japan, and their design is outsourced to industrial designers in Japan.

<About MTI K.K.

Ltd. was established in Japan in 1998 as a trading company that provides import and export services between Japan and China. In the 2000s, based on this knowledge, the company began to develop its own products for the Japanese market, and since then, it has been producing a wide variety of products for the domestic market. Since then, we have developed a wide variety of products to meet the demands of the domestic market. Today, in an era of ever-changing technological innovation, we are utilizing our unique manufacturing network to obtain the latest information and conduct a comprehensive OEM/ODM business from product planning, design and development, to import/export trading. We will continue to improve our management skills (Management) and technology (Technology) to deliver better products to our customers with a sense of innovation.

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