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Sandoz, a major drugstore chain in Japan, Adopts Unix's NextTAURUS Core System Solution DX infrastructure for further expansion of the group


Unix Corporation (Headquarters: Shizuoka City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan; President: Tsutomu Fujisada; hereinafter referred to as "UNIX") has implemented NextTAURUS, a core system package solution, at Sundrug Corporation (Headquarters: Higashifuchu City, Tokyo; President: Koji Sadakata). Each module was released sequentially on schedule for the entire Sandlag Group starting in August 2023, and all functions have now been put into use in April 2024.

The rapidly growing Sandlag Group is promoting DX (Digital Transformation) to improve customer convenience and satisfaction as well as efficiency, and the introduction of "NextTAURUS" was implemented as an important system infrastructure to accelerate this process.

Mr. Hayashi, System Planning Department, Sandlag Group

Comment from Mr. Hayashi, System Planning Department, Sandlag Group

The old core system was built in a form similar to contracted development, and the emphasis was on partial optimization, which was a factor in the loss of flexibility to respond to market trends and the value demanded by the times.

Unix's packaged software reflects a deep understanding of industry-specific requirements and operational issues, and has a top-class implementation track record in the industry. In addition, everyone at Unix was able to make business and alternative operation proposals based on their understanding of retail operations and the scope of the system's impact, which was essential to the smooth execution of the project.

I think the fact that we were able to achieve our goal of implementing the system by the time we needed to support invoicing was due to the close communication between Unix and our system staff.

Sandoz Group was able to build a core system that would serve as a major foundation for DX promotion through a hybrid approach of standardizing operations while customizing its own strategic operations into the package base.

Revamping a core system is an important step in promoting DX, as it enables the utilization of data, streamlines business processes, and creates new business opportunities. However, it is not enough to simply renew the system; it is necessary to combine the appropriate systems and processes to meet business needs and the current business environment. To this end, we intend to continue to work with Unix, which has extensive system implementation experience in the drugstore industry, as an important partner.

About Sundrug Corporation (from Sundrug's website)

The Sundrug Group operates 1,380 stores (1,016 drugstores and 364 discount stores) in 44 prefectures across Japan as of the end of March 2023 through an aggressive store opening strategy based on new store openings and M&A. With the motto of "Safety, Reliability, and Convenience", we will continue to strive to provide better services to our customers, aiming to realize "healthy and affluent lives" for the people.

Company Name : Sundrug Co.

Location: 1-38-1 Wakamatsu-cho, Fuchu-shi, Tokyo

Representative : Hiroshi Sadakata, President and CEO

Date of establishment: April 1965

Main businesses: Drugstore business, dispensing pharmacy business, discount store business

Corporate website:

About Unix Corporation

With a 40-year track record as a solution provider specializing in the distribution and retail industry, Unix's mainstay packaged products have been adopted by the industry's leading retailers. Based on its extensive knowledge of retail operations, Unix supports the optimization of the distribution and retail industry by utilizing the latest technologies and data generated by the distribution and retail industry.

UNIX's mission-critical solutions, including NextTAURUS, have been used by more than 120 retailers to date and are currently in operation at more than 13,000 stores nationwide. In addition to the conventional on-premise type and ASP type using iDC, customers can now choose to operate on the cloud using Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Company Name : UNIX Corporation

Location: Aoi Tower 15F, 17-1 Konyacho, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka City, Shizuoka Prefecture

Representative : Tsutomu Fujisada, President and Representative Director

Date of establishment: October 15, 1984

Main Business: Providing system services for the distribution and retail industry

Corporate website:


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