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Item Measures Mental and Physical Stress to Help Reduce Manpower Shortages Started pre-ordering a new model of "AQ Flicker Tester


Cybercraft Ltd. (Location: Neyagawa City, Osaka; President: Norihito Ozaki), a hardware and software developer of computer measurement and control devices, has received a license for a registered patent (see below) that is the result of research conducted by the Human Engineering Laboratory of Setnan University (Location: Neyagawa City, Osaka; Vice-President: Tsuneo Kawano). We will start pre-order sales of a new model with "enhanced system screen" and "wireless type" added to the "AQ Flicker Tester" by taking advantage of our equipment and system development capabilities.

AQ Flicker Tester"


This product, created through industry-academia collaboration, can prevent employee turnover and contribute to health management as an item for recruitment activities by managing the determination of mental and physical fatigue in a world with a shortage of human resources.

The product can also be used for employee fatigue management, labor management, and educational materials in the transportation industry, nursing care business, manufacturing industry, hospitals, and schools.

Compared to conventional flicker testers, the new system uses a unique algorithm based on the patented technology described below to eliminate intentional false or arbitrary responses, and can test flicker values with high accuracy in a very short time (less than 10 seconds).

It is also easy to operate and can process data from a large number of people (500).

Additional Functions

The application software has been enhanced to make it even easier to use.

 Operation is possible on a PC screen, tablet screen, or smartphone screen.

Wireless (Bluetooth) functionality allows for easy communication with PCs, tablets, and smartphones.

・Enables selection between conventional SD card type and wireless type by mode switching.

PC screen

Product Name】 AQ Flicker Tester (Wireless type)

Product Name] AQ Flicker Tester (Wireless type) [Price] Open price

Size: W170 x H110 x D30mm Weight: 400g

AQ Flicker Front

AQ Flicker diagonal

What is AQ Flicker Tester?

It is a device to measure mental and physical fatigue (stress).

Mental fatigue (stress) is measured by measuring the speed of following LED flicker.

AQ Flicker Tester is an abbreviation of High Accurate and Quick Flicker Tester.


Dynamic visual acuity is measured indirectly by measuring the speed (Hz) of LED flashing.

As fatigue (stress) increases, dynamic visual acuity decreases and the speed at which the LEDs follow the flicker slows.

By measuring the limit value (Hertz (Hz)) of following the LED blinking speed, we can measure the decrease in temporal resolution of the visual system and the functional decline of the cerebral cortex.

0 Measurement method

The LED blinking speed is gradually decreased from 60 Hz, and the follow-up speed (Hz) is lowered when fatigue is high so that "flickering" can be discriminated, and the follow-up speed is high when fatigue is low.

0 About individual differences

Since there are large individual differences in flicker values, it is possible to determine the trend by measuring daily and determining your own central value.

Incidentally, the younger you are, the higher the flicker value tends to be for athletes in fields that require dynamic vision.

In the sample graph below, this person's central value (when not tired) is around 40 Hz.

 This value becomes 38Hz around January 20, indicating that he is tired.

Sample Graphs

Tablet screen

Smartphone screen

0 Feature

Compared to the conventional method, the inspection time is shorter (within 10 seconds).

Eliminates excessive effort by the person tested (which is common in sensory testing).

・Records inspection data of multiple inspectors (500 inspectors) to SD card (CSV format)

z Applications

Prevention of work-related accidents for drivers and hazardous workers (countermeasure for the 2024 problem)

Fatigue management in companies

Management of work efficiency at the end of night shift, etc.

Evaluation of mental fatigue and use as teaching materials in hospitals and schools

Fatigue measurement for doctors, nurses, and care workers

Promotion of health management

Personal (mid- to long-term) stress management

Use as verification of the effectiveness of in-house health products

Detailed site

Validation of the effectiveness of AQ Flicker in assessing human fatigue

z Intellectual property

AQ Flicker has been patented by Setsunan University.

Patent No. 6534531 "Perception Threshold Measurement Device

Patent No. 6534531 "Perceptual Threshold Measurement Device, Perceptual Threshold Measurement Method and Perceptual Threshold Measurement Program" Jyosho Gakuen Educational Corporation

Detailed site

Development of a multi-point LED flicker test device that eliminates arbitrariness and falseness of the examinee.

z Advantages over other fatigue evaluation methods

Examination by conventional flicker

 Because it involves subjective judgment, it has problems of arbitrariness and falsity, and cannot be used as an official index site.

Electrocardiographic and electromyographic testing

 Requires wearing a sensor and time-consuming testing, making it unsuitable for evaluation in the workplace or at work.

Salivary amylase test

 Requires a dedicated chip and high running costs

AQ Flicker Tester Image

0 Operation Explanatory Video

Click the 2D code below to view the video on YouTube.

AQ Flicker Tester Video

Operation Explanation Video Site】 【Video

■Company Profile

CyberCraft Ltd.

President and Representative Director: Norihito Ozaki

Location: Grand Riviere 5F, 20-33 Matsuya-cho, Neyagawa, Osaka 572-0086, Japan

Establishment : June 1999

Capital : 10 million yen

Telephone number: 072-802-5220

FAX number : 072-802-5221

E-mail :


Business Description (Features)

In the field of "manufacturing," technological sophistication and innovation are being pursued, and product life cycles are being shortened and manufacturing facilities are being modernized accordingly.

In order to meet the needs of "manufacturing companies," we develop computer measurement and control devices, PC and peripheral hardware, software development, IoT system development, FPGA circuit design, and more.

We have commercialized our own products such as wireless measurement systems, 4-channel small data logger warehouse IoT, and power measurement devices while providing consistent support from planning and development to system design, hardware and software development, prototyping, mass production, and environmental testing.

We have also launched our own product, the "AQ Flicker Tester. All of these in-house products have been developed in-house and can be customized. On the other hand, we are also engaged in contract development of microcomputer-related products such as measuring instruments, inspection devices, equipment devices, controllers, and image processing.

As a third-party evaluation, we have been recognized for our strong technological capabilities and responsiveness, and have been awarded the "Osaka Monozukuri Excellent Company Award 2011 Takumi," which is given to excellent "Monozukuri (manufacturing) SMEs" in the prefecture for their "advanced technological capabilities" and "high quality, low cost, and short delivery times.

In addition, Neyagawa City, where the company is located, has recognized the company as a "Neyagawa City Monozukuri Vigorous Company 2008" as a manufacturing company in the city that is highly evaluated by the market for its superior technology and is making advanced efforts to revitalize its business.

List of companies that received the "Osaka Monozukuri Excellence Award 2011

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