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Easy-to-eat all-in-one supplement made from fruit pollen Bee Pollen" is now available at our online store!


space inc. (Location: 401 Daini Mori Building, 4-24-5 Meieki, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture; Representative Director: Risa Uekaku), a food import and sales company, has released Bee Pollen, an edible pollen supplement.

Additive-free Bee Pollen 100g|Eating Pollen Supplement

Eating Pollen Supplement Bee Pollen


About the superfood "Bee Pollen (Honeybee Pollen Pack)

In fact, honeybees do not only collect honey.

When they collect honey, they also collect pollen from flowers and bring it back to the hive.

Bee pollen has a long history as a food and has been incorporated into the diet of Scandinavian and Chinese people since ancient times.

Like other superfoods such as chia seeds and quinoa, it is an everyday food in other countries along with salads and yogurt.

As a superfood, bee pollen is an attractive food to supplement nutrients that are often lacking in the modern world.

It is ideal for people who

People who tend to have a disordered diet.

People who have been taking supplements but have not seen any results.

Those who suffer from a feeling of grogginess every year when the seasons change.

One spoonful is full of benefits!

Even if you take supplements for beauty purposes, if you lack protein, the vitamins cannot be delivered to every corner of your body.

Bee Pollen contains about 100 different nutrients, and its strength lies in the fact that it is an all-in-one source of these nutrients.

Bee Pollen contains all of the six major nutrients necessary for living organisms to carry out their vital activities, including natural B vitamins and 22 types of amino acids, in good balance.

*Prevents skin problems and improves skin texture.

*Improves the intestinal environment.

*For seasonal changes in the skin

*Improves stamina

■Differences from other companies' products

The flavor of Bee Pollen varies depending on the region of origin and the type of flower.

Bee Pollen from Maria amores, which we import and sell, is characterized by the fact that it is pollen from fruits such as lime, mango, and papaya, which are unique to Mexico.

It is very popular among our customers for its "easy to eat" taste. It is very popular among our customers.

Outline of the product

Product name :Additive-free Bee Pollen|Eating Pollen Supplement

Price : 5,700 yen (tax included)

Contents :100g

Sales location : Online store


Company Profile

Company name: space Co.

Representative: Risa Miguzumi, Representative Director

Location: 401 Daini Mori Building, 4-24-5 Meieki, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya, Aichi 450-0002, Japan

Establishment : April 3, 2023

Planning, development, manufacturing, sales, and import/export of various products such as health foods, herbal teas, and cosmetics,

       Planning, development, manufacturing, sales, import/export, wholesale and retail of various products such as health foods, herbal teas, cosmetics, etc.

      Mail order sales via the Internet, etc.

      All businesses incidental to the above


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