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music production unit "love solfege" in the crafan project Raises over 18 million yen for support General distribution begins June 16!


Muts Music Studio (Representative: Shinichiro Matsumoto) launched a project on the crowdfunding service "CAMPFIRE" on June 19, 2023 to produce a CD commemorating the 100th title of the classical art-pop unit "love solfege" and recruit participants. The project was a great success, raising 18,130,000 yen, far exceeding the goal of 5 million yen.

Returned items will be shipped sequentially from late May. General distribution is scheduled to start on June 16.

The Centenary(1)

The Centenary(2)

The title of the work is "The Centenary. The main purpose of each of the three CDs is to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Centenary. disc 1 "Vaudeville" is a concept album, which is love solfege's specialty. disc 2 "Veneration" is a collection of music from the Centenary period, which is a collection of music from the Centenary period.

disc2 "Veneration" is a collection of works mainly from the early days of composer Shinichiro Matsumoto, all reworked and re-arranged.

disc3 "Vertex" is a crowd-financed CD of songs written and directed by the purchaser of the director's rights, and created in a three-person team with love solfege. The CD also includes a song with a chorus composed by all the members who purchased the right to participate in the chorus group. (M.11)

The Centenary(3)

This content is a large volume of 33 songs in total, but the bonus CD also comes with a 3-CD set containing off-vocal tracks. Depending on the course, there will be a 6-CD set.

In addition, some of the songs will be available on Karaoke JOYSOUND from mid-June 2024, allowing you to enjoy karaoke.

For those who missed out on the crowdfunding project, both general distribution and mail order distribution will be available. The mail order distribution will be available from June 16th, and the general distribution will be available at love solfege booths at Comic Market and M3 (a sound and media mix doujin exhibition).

The track list of the 3-disc set is as follows

disc1 "Vaudeville

disc1 "Vaudeville

M1. the centenary (sung by Marie)

M2. the bazaar between the curtains (sung by Midori Sakata and Akane Sakata)

M3. la Sirena del faro (Song: Eiri Ayano)

M4. arrucaba to the north (Song: Haruka Shimotsuki)

M5. Paul the Pouter(Song: Mitsushiro Nakae)

M6. Русалки не плачут (Song: Jenya)

M7. bottle communication(Song: Aya Manabe)

M8. violinista di strada(Song: Mineko Yamamoto)

M9. the blue-eyed dancer (Song: Mari Fuuka)

M10. brilliant game by Lucertrana the thief (Song: Rose Panna)

M11. to you in the mountains (Song: mao)

disc2 "Veneration

disc2 "Veneration"

M1. landing on the earth(Song: Rose Panna)

M2. wish(Song: Aya Manabe)

M3. study song(Song: Mizuho Yasuda)

M4. satoru(Song: Marie)

M5. fight!

M6. autumn breath'24(Song: Mitsuki Nakae)

M7. hoshimatsuri(Song: Katagiri Retsubi)

M8. the child of the end of the century~ next Century(Song: Mizuho Yasuda)

M9. clown(Song: Aya Manabe)

M10. impurita (Song: Eiri Ayano)

M11. the 19th aetir (Song: Marie)

disc3 "Vertex

disc3 "Vertex

M1. confessionale(Sung by Eiri Ayano)

M2. screw it on, screw it off(sung by Rita)

M3. good night from the transmission tower(Song: Haruka Shimotsuki)

M4. flower of immortality(Song: Aya Manabe)

M5. the moon and the beast (Song: Katagiri Retsuhi)

M6. ket seis song (Song: Marie)

M7. stone floor lantern (Song: Nakaeko Kojo)

M8. ameagari, kawabe, amaryllis(Song: mao)

M9. lady in Grey(Song: Wakana Sakuraba)

M10. dendromitera(Song: Jenya)

M11. tante piccole storie(Song: Eiri Ayano)