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Buddy Net, a Tsushin Tech(R) company, has had amazing real-life business meetings with Softbank, KDDI, Rakuten Mobile and Rakuten Mobile! ~ The vision of major telecommunication carriers Michoppa & Yoshimura also resonated with the vision of the major telecommunications carriers.


Buddy Net Corporation (Head Office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; President: Reiichiro Hori; hereinafter referred to as "Buddy Net"), which advocates Tsushiken Tech(R) as an infrastructure partner in the IoT/5G era, is pleased to announce the launch of "NSB (Why is it great? Buddy Net.) (hereinafter referred to as "NSB"), together with model/TV personality Miyu Ikeda (Michyopa) and Takashi Yoshimura of Heisei Nobushi Kobushi, visited major telecommunication carriers Softbank Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "Softbank"), KDDI Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "KDDI"), and Rakuten Mobile, Inc. The "Real Business Meeting" will be held on February 8, 2024 (Thursday) on the YouTube channel "Michyopa Yoshimura's Mabumabu TV".

For those in charge of Softbank, KDDI and Rakuten Mobile

About NSB

NSB is a "Why, it's amazing. Buddy Net." NSB is a company that has been working with Buddy Net and Rakuten Mobile, Inc. NSB is a project to update BuddyNet and telecommunications construction work into a more attractive industry by opening it up to the world under the concept of "Why, it's amazing. As a specific initiative, BuddyNet has appointed model and celebrity Miyu Ikeda (Michyopa) and Takashi Yoshimura of Heisei Nobushikobushi to be members of the NSB club, and is collaborating with their YouTube channel "Michyopa Yoshimura's Mabumabu TV" on a project. So far, in addition to producing web commercials and holding PR presentations, they have also produced "Breaking into the Workplace of Buddy Net! and "Michyopa and Yoshimura's first experience of telecommunication construction work. The final video in this project, "Somehow Amazing Real Business Meeting" with a major telecommunications carrier, will be released on February 8, 2012.

The video is titled "NSB (Why is it so great? BuddyNet." Special page

The fourth video, "Why is it so great?

Video Summary (1) Creating an amazing future with smart buildings! Softbank]

To: SoftBank IoT Solution and Smart City Development

SOFTBANK's vision of the future of smart buildings is a building equipped with AI that detects dirty areas and automatically does things such as cleaning and repairing broken points by robots and other devices linked to the building. It will also automatically optimize the building's air conditioning according to weather, temperature, and humidity, and prompt car dispatch to the surrounding area based on the number of visitors.

BuddyNet has already introduced IoT sensors ( ), cloud cameras ( ), digital signage ( ), digital signage ( ), and various robots, as well as maintenance and servicing ( ). We have a lot of experience in supporting our clients. At the business meeting, we talked about how we would like to work together with SoftBank to realize the smart city concept.

Video Summary (2): KDDI: Showcasing an amazing future created by telecommunications!

Brand Management Department, Brand Communication Division, KDDI

KDDI's vision is to create a society where everyone can realize their dreams by evolving the power to connect. KDDI aims to realize a society where everyone can enjoy the benefits of digitalization. Currently, there are places where radio waves cannot reach due to mountains or the ocean, but by realizing communication through satellites, we aim to create a world where people can be connected anywhere as long as they can see the sky. We are also working on robotics education and the realization of smart agriculture using the IoT.

At Buddy Net, we have a project ( ) that is working toward the realization of smart agriculture. Soil moisture data measured by sensors is collected on the cloud, and analyzed and visualized for effective values to improve quality and yield in mandarin oranges cultivation. The project aims to establish an optimal cultivation model. At the business meeting, we talked about KDDI's desire to work together to realize a society where everyone can enjoy the benefits of digitalization, as well as 5G, which is currently undergoing widespread adoption.

[Video Summary (3) Changing the common sense of price, from the common sense of communication! Rakuten Mobile]

Mr. Katsunori Yamamoto, Director, Service Planning & Promotion Department, Marketing Division, Technology Strategy Division, Rakuten Mobile, Inc.

Rakuten Mobile's fully virtualized cloud-native mobile network simplifies equipment such as base stations and antennas, enabling significant reductions in capital investment and operational costs. In addition, the company is moving toward zero-touch operation, which enables operational automation and remote control of network equipment.

Buddy Net is also good at thinking from the mechanism to reduce costs. In our business meetings, we discuss BuddyNet's vision of "creating an IoT society that reduces inconvenience and makes the world a happier place." I talked about how cost-conscious telecommunication construction work should be in order to realize the vision of Buddy Net: "Creating an IoT society that reduces inconvenience and makes the world a happier place.

After the "Why is it so great to have a real business meeting?

We were able to directly sell our products to major telecommunication carriers Softbank, KDDI, and Rakuten Mobile, and were reminded that their visions resonate with our mission, "Creating an IoT society that reduces inconvenience and brings more smiles to the world. We reaffirmed that the vision of each company resonates with our mission "to create an IoT society that reduces inconvenience and makes the world a happier place.

Buddy Net will create and protect a society where all things are connected through the power of people and technology, overcoming the biggest challenge of cost by thoroughly utilizing ICT with its parent company, AKIBA Holdings Group, a Tokyo Stock Exchange Standard-listed company.

Miyu Ikeda (Michyopa), Takashi Yoshimura of Heisei Nobushi Kobushi, Buddy Net employee

About "Telecommunications Construction Tech(R)

The "Telecommunications Construction Tech(R)" proposed by Buddy Net is an optimal solution for telecommunications construction that overcomes the IoT's greatest challenge of "cost" through the thorough use of ICT. Buddy Net will continue to work on the spread of smart agriculture projects and various IoT services with "Telecommunication Construction Tech(R)" as a weapon, and strive for the realization of a society where all things are connected.

About Buddy Net, Inc.

Buddy Net, a group company of AKIBA Holdings Corporation (TSE Standard: 6840), solves problems such as cost and human resource shortages through "Tsushin Tech(R)", which thoroughly utilizes the networks and ICT of each company, and has realized overwhelmingly low-cost base station construction. In recent years, as the only external partner of a major telecommunications carrier in Japan, we have been expanding our business by promoting many projects in advanced fields such as the construction of network infrastructure including LTE/5G/LPWA and the development of IoT services.

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