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Industry First! The Challenge of the Pocket Handkerchief Launch of "VB-COSME-Oshibori" to Support Aging Care ~Newly established Uenohara Plant as a cosmetics manufacturing plant


FSX Corporation (Location: 1-12-3 Izumi, Kunitachi-shi, Tokyo; President: Katsuyuki Fujinami; hereinafter "FSX"), a company that rents, plans, and develops hand towels and creates new impressions of hospitality, has developed a new pocket hand towel called "VB-COSME-Oshibori" that can be used not only for the conventional "hand towel = hand wiping" but also for skin anti-aging care(*1). (FSX) is pleased to announce the development of "VB-COSME-Oshibori," a pocket oshibori that can be used to provide anti-aging care(*1) for the skin.

The new products are the industry's first hand towel that can be used on the entire skin, including the body and face (*2), and are available in three products: "AROMA Premium," which boasts the No.1 share (*3) in Japan for scented hand towels, "HAND & BODY," a hand towel designed for body wiping, and "AIRY," a standard product that pursues comfort and eco-friendliness. The new products will go on sale on November 29, 2023 (Wednesday).

(*1) Age-appropriate care with cosmetics and other products that do not have rejuvenating or anti-aging effects.

(*2) The safety of the hand towel has been confirmed through human patch tests, and it is registered as a cosmetic category.

(*3)The shipment volume of AROMA Premium series in 2022 is 20 million units (including AROMA Premium with yuica).

Image of VB-COSME Oshibori "AROMA Premium

VB-COSME Oshibori" has been proven to cleanse, condition, and moisturize the skin by extracting the anti-aging function of polyoxometalates (poly acids), the main ingredient of VB, and adding moisturizing ingredients.

In addition to the existing Citral, Peppermint, and Lavender scents, Rose and Bergamot have been added to the "AROMA Premium" lineup, making a total of five new scents available. The "HAND & BODY" lineup now includes the S size, which is smaller and easier to use than the previous size (HAND = M / BODY = L). The company has started production at its Uenohara Plant (Yamanashi Prefecture), which is capable of manufacturing 48 million pocket oshibori per year. The production capacity is scheduled to be expanded to 62.4 million hand towels per year by the fall of 2024.

With the birth of "VB-COSME-Oshibori," which is expected to be effective in the healthcare field, the possibilities of hand towels are expanding greatly. The "pocket oshibori," which is portable and individually wrapped, is the one and only oshibori that can offer a "life with oshibori" to customers in their different lifestyles. FSX will continue to pursue diversity in the "value" of hand towels, and will work passionately to provide "pocket oshibori" that will be close to the lifestyles of our customers.

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Product name: (1) AROMA Premium

Feature: Aroma hand towel covered with fragrance.

    In addition to "citral," "peppermint," and "lavender," the new "bergamot" and "bergamot" are also available,

    Bergamot" and "Rose" are newly added to "Citral," "Peppermint," and "Lavender.

    Five popular aroma scents have been made into hand towels.

    The fresh aroma and the thick, firm feel of the wipes will bring a smile to the face of anyone who uses them,

    The aroma is refreshing and the thick, firm texture of the hand towel will bring a smile to the face of anyone who uses it.

Specifications: Size (255 x 270 mm)

    NO.1 (Citral)

    NO.2 (Peppermint)

    NO.3 (Lavender)

    NO.4 (Rose)

    NO.5 (Bergamot)

Product name : (2) AIRY

Features : While pursuing the thickness of the fabric and comfort of wiping, the material is made of biodegradable material,

    The material used is biodegradable, making it an environmentally friendly hand towel.

    The cloth is thick and firm, yet gentle as if air is woven into it,

    The cloth is made of biodegradable material, which is environmentally friendly.

    The fresh border pattern is combined with an impressive package.

Specifications : Size (255 x 270 mm)



Product name : (3) HAND & BODY

Features : "Safe for children, the elderly, and those with sensitive skin,

    This hand towel was created with the wish that "even children, the elderly, and those with sensitive skin can wipe well and safely.

    The soft and stretchy material is especially designed to be comfortable to wipe with.

    It is available in three sizes (S, M, and L) to suit your needs.

    Size L is a super large size that can wipe the entire body thoroughly.

    It comes in a roll type so that it can be carried compactly.

Specifications : Size

    S (300 x 200 mm)

    M (300 x 300 mm)

    L (300 x 600 mm)

All "VB-COSME-Oshibori" products use environmentally friendly film. The use of FSX's patented Protect Film technology has improved moisture retention and fragrance retention.

Product image of "VB-COSME-Oshibori

(1) AROMA Premium

100 handkerchiefs x 6 packs = 600 handkerchiefs/case

Price: 14,520 yen (including tax)

(2) AIRY

100 pieces x 6 packs = 600 pieces/case

Price: 13,200 yen (tax included)


S : 50 pcs. x 6 packs = 300 pcs. per case

Price: 5,280 yen (tax included)

M : 100 pieces x 6 packs = 600 pieces) / case

Price: 14,520 yen (including tax)

L : 50 pieces x 6 packs = 300 pieces)/case

Price: 13,068 yen (tax included)

<About Uenohara Plant

Location :799-1 Tsurushima, Uenohara-shi, Yamanashi

Plant name : Uenohara Plant

Total floor space :485.34 square meters (146.8 tsubo)

Main Products :Pocket oshibori (mainly cosmetics category)

Exterior view of Uenohara Plant

Interior view of Uenohara Plant

Uenohara factory manufacturing machine image

First floor area of Uenohara Factory

<About Pocket Oshibori>

FSX has redefined the generic term for hand towels called "paper oshibori" or "disposable oshibori" to "pocket oshibori. The Pocket Oshibori is a new name for the oshibori, which embodies our mission and expectations: (1) to make the oshibori more integrated into daily life as a convenient hand towel; (2) to expand the possibilities of the oshibori to all types of businesses and new fields; and (3) to transmit the oshibori, a Japanese culture, to the world, embodying the original value of each product. mission and expectations.

<About VB>

VB" is a patented technology developed by FSX (Patent No. 6739772) with a focus on hygiene, the most important aspect of hand towels. It is the world's first water solution that makes antiviral and antibacterial hand towels possible, and inhibits 99.99% of viruses smaller than the bacteria on the hand towel. It has no oral toxicity or skin irritation, so it is safe to use for the elderly and children with sensitive skin.

<About VB-COSME-

VB-COSME" is a patented technology (Patent No. 7278638) that evolved from the patented antiviral antibacterial technology "VB" (Patent No. 6739772) and has functions to support anti-aging care. It has been found to cleanse, condition and moisturize the skin when used.

<About FSX Corporation> (

With the philosophy that "hand towels are not a service of goods, but a service of the heart," FSX was founded in 1967 as Fujinami Towel Service, a rental hand towel business. Since then, the company has been based in Kunitachi City, Tokyo, and has been engaged in a wide range of business activities centering on hand towels. Starting with the development of hand towel materials and processing machines, we have developed patented technology for adding aroma to hand towels, the "VB" antiviral and antibacterial hygiene technology, and the "REION" hand towel cooling and heating unit that provides hand towels at the optimum temperature. We are also involved in e-commerce operations and partner businesses for the same industry. On the occasion of its 50th anniversary, the company name was changed to "FSX Corporation," and for the next 50 years, we will develop our business to create innovative services to bring out new possibilities of oshibori and spread OSHIBORI culture widely in Japan and abroad.

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<About FSX Fuji Corporation: ( )

FSX Fuji Corporation was established in Fujikawaguchiko Town in September 2020 as a group company of FSX Corporation, which has been in business for 55 years in Kunitachi, Tokyo. With the philosophy that "hand towels are not a service of goods, but a service of the heart," the company operates a hand towel rental and planning and sales business mainly in the Fuji Five Lakes area, offering hand towels unique to the area, such as the FSX Group's antiviral "VB hand towels" and natural aroma hand towels. This year, we developed "Fujipyon" hand towels using lavender, a tourism resource of the town of Fujikawaguchiko. We will continue to actively develop new products that bring out new possibilities for oshibori through marketing that takes advantage of our community-based business in the area at the foot of Mount Fuji, which is rich in tourism resources.

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