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Fastest 30-second serving The stewed hamburger steak restaurant that comes right out of the oven, directly operated by a beef farmer, is now open at AEON Sapporo Kuwazono Shopping Center! Opened at AEON Sapporo Kuwazono Shopping Center!


Sapporo Agent Co., Ltd. provides a wide range of agent services to all over Japan, with its roots in Hokkaido, and focuses on local job seekers, including young talents, as well as global talents such as foreign nationals. (Head office: 1016-23 SA Bldg., Minami 5-jo Nishi 9-chome, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, 064-0805, President: Yusuke Doi), which operates six stores throughout Hokkaido, has launched its fourth restaurant in the sixth industrialization project, following "Milk Do dore iku," a doughnut specialty store directly operated by a farm, "Isodaya," a restaurant specializing in "Fried milk," and "Isodaki-niki," a restaurant specializing in "fried gelato" made from beef from the farm. The fourth restaurant in the project, "READY BURG", will be opened on Wednesday, November 29 in the AEON Sapporo Kuwazono Shopping Center (Kita 8-jo Nishi 14-28, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido 060-0008) as a food consulting group "hanninmae". The restaurant will be produced by the food consulting group "hanninmae" and will open for the first time under the brand name.

We operate our own farm, Sapporo Agent Farm, in Mifuka-machi, Hokkaido, which also serves as a training farm. We contribute to the development of Hokkaido's primary industry by operating the farm as a producer. As part of this, we operate the farm and handle production, processing, and sales, enabling us to provide fresh products at a lower price and in a shorter time. Moreover, since we are visible from production to sales, everyone from children to the elderly can enjoy "Lady Burg" hamburgers with peace of mind and safety.

Recommended hamburger steak "Melted cheeseburger

Happiness melts in your mouth! Stewed hamburger steak

Beef from our own Mifuka Farm

Ready Burg" is a hamburger store that serves stewed hamburgers directly owned and operated by a beef farmer.

READY BURG" three concepts

1. "Fastest serving in 30 seconds" speed and free use of time

We serve our products in 30 seconds because we want our customers to be able to use their own time and child-rearing time effectively.

The fastest serving time of 30 seconds is based on the desire for customers to make the most of their time and child-rearing time. 2.

2. "Just a flick of the chopsticks! Sizzle in your mouth!" Demi-glace stewed hamburger steak

The menu was created by a veteran craftsman with 20 years of experience in ground beef and aimed to create a hamburger steak that is easy to eat with chopsticks.

The menu was created by a veteran chef with 20 years of experience in the field of ground beef to offer a stewed hamburger steak that is easy to slice with chopsticks and melt in the mouth.

3. upcycling and respecting the life of cows

Through ranch management, cattle are raised with great care, and some of the waste cattle are effectively utilized as meat.

By reusing waste cattle, the number of cattle that would otherwise have been disposed of is reduced, and hamburgers are offered at a lower price.

Ten types of stewed hamburgers are available, including regular, melted cheese, curry, and others. A special set menu and a selection of toppings are also available. Rice is made from hukkunko rice grown by Mr. Hirabayashi of Takasu Taro Farm in Takasu Town.

All served with rice. Sets and toppings available.

Recommended burgers

Melted cheeseburger" 1,080 yen (double burger 1,580 yen)

Cheddar cheese main blend cheese squeezed in front of your eyes. The moment the cheese is mixed with the hamburger steak, it melts in your mouth with a texture of "1mm".

Blended cheese with cheddar cheese squeezed in front of your eyes.

Product Lineup

Hamburg steak

Regular burger 780 yen, egg burger 880 yen, hot chili burger 980 yen, thick-cut bacon burger 980 yen, stir-fried vegetable burger 980 yen, shrimp butter burger 1,080 yen, hormone burger 1,080 yen, melted cheese burger 1,080 yen, cheese curry burger 1,180 yen

All with rice *Double burger: +500 yen

Set Menu

A set salad set (+150 yen), B set miso soup set (+150 yen), C set salad and miso soup (+250 yen)


Cheese 350 yen, Curry 250 yen, Eggs 150 yen, Hormone 350 yen, Thick-cut bacon 250 yen, Fried vegetables 250 yen, Shrimp butter 350 yen, Hot chili 150 yen

All prices include tax.

Store Outline

Store name : "Ready Burg" - a hamburger steak restaurant directly operated by a beef farmer

         Name : "READY BURG" (stewed hamburger steak restaurant operated by a beef farmer)

Location : AEON Sapporo Kuwazono Shopping Center 1F Food Park

         (14-28, Kita 8-jo Nishi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido 060-0008, Japan)

Closed: No holidays

Business hours: 9:00-22:00 (last order 21:30)

Phone : 011-200-0853

Service format: eat-in/take-out

About "hanninmae," a food production group

Based in Sapporo, Hokkaido, hanninmae is a food production group that handles food all over Japan. We provide one-stop support for product development, design, and sales promotion.

Maruyama Melon

Milked Drake

Supporting about 100 restaurants nationwide, consulting for 18 companies.

About Sapporo Agent Co.

Corporate Philosophy

'Developing businesses that lead to the revitalization of Hokkaido'

To provide new value that meets the various needs of the market in line with the changing times for the development of attractive Hokkaido industries.

Company Profile

Company name: Sapporo Agent Co.

Representative Director: Yusuke Doi

Location : SA Building, 1016-23, Minami 5-jo Nishi 9-chome, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, 064-0805, Japan

Establishment : January 16, 2017

Business : Agent services, dispatch of foreign personnel, traveling dairy helpers,

       Restaurant business, retail business

Tel : 011-374-5790


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For inquiries from customers regarding stores and products handled, please contact

Sapporo Agent Co.

Tel: 011-374-5790