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A beautiful "Wooden Red Seal Book -Tokumo-" with a theme of Japanese mythology and auspicious designs that bring good fortune for the New Year Beautiful "Wooden Goshuinchou -Tokumo-", a book with auspicious designs and a theme of Japanese mythology, is now available for pre-order on Makuake. ~The sale will run until December 3, 2012.


ASNARO (Head office: Chigashimachi, Tottori Prefecture; Representative: Asuka Obata), a product development and OEM company that aims to "support the forestry industry and energize forests by making cute and interesting products using Japanese trees," has started pre-order sales of "Wooden Red Seal Book -Toun-" made of Chigashigami cedar and Inshu Japanese paper on Makuake The sales will be held until December 3, 2023 (Sun.).

Makuake" is a service site for supporting and purchasing atarashii things and experiences.

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Background of development

We want a world where it is commonplace to find products made from Japanese wood sold in stores around us. Just as eating Japanese rice and fish supports the agriculture and fishery industries, we would like to gradually create such a trend in the forestry industry. With this in mind, we make a variety of products regardless of genre, from easy-to-handle wooden goods to wooden crafts made with great skill and care.

In our previous project, "Wooden Red Seal Book -Kacho Fugetsu-," we received a lot of support despite it being our first attempt, and we achieved our goal of 700%, far exceeding our expectations.

Red seal booklets we have produced in the past

Wooden red seal impression books, which pack technology and a world view into the palm of your hand, are the most difficult products to produce. At the same time, however, it is also an interesting and rewarding work for the creator. I would like to make the most beautiful red seal book in Japan without giving too much away... This work was born out of such creativity.

Carefully pull out the pieces


*Detailed and delicate beauty

An eye-catching and beautiful design that is sure to attract the attention of those around you. This red seal book looks like a folding screen of fine art, which is precisely cut by high-performance laser processing and carefully finished by hand by craftsmen.

Designed like an art folding screen

*Careful attention to materials

Chigashira cedar grown in the rich satoyama of Chigashira Town, Tottori Prefecture, is used. This durable and crack-resistant material can be used with care for many years to come. Special editions are also available, using Inshu Washi paper, which is certified as a traditional craft, and hand-dyed one by one by craftsmen.

Chigashira, a town of cedar trees. Famous for its Chigusa cedar

Perfect as a reward for yourself or a gift for someone special!

The design expresses the myth of the birth of the nation by combining a traditional Kumiko pattern with eight auspicious patterns. It is an auspicious red seal book suitable for the beginning of a new year. The book can be personalized with characters, so you can engrave your name or motto on it.

Engrave your name, prayer, or motto.

■About Returns

Discounted reservations available only on Makuake (limited quantities)

9,600 yen : [Super-Early Bird's Nest Discount 20% off] Chigusugi Goshuinchou -Toun - *Finished

10,200 yen: [Early bird discount 15% off] Chigosugi red seal book -Toun

10,800 yen: [10% discount for Macuake] Chigosugi red seal book -Toun

The price for the general public is 12,000 yen.

*Returns may be sold out depending on the time of application.

■Project Outline

Project name: A good fit for the New Year,

         A beautiful wooden red seal book with a theme of auspicious patterns and Japanese mythology that brings good fortune

Period: December 3 (Sun.), 18:00


<Outline of the product

Product name: Chigusa cedar red seal book -Tokumo

Type :Two types: standard Japanese paper version and traditional Japanese paper version

Contents: 1 clear vinyl cover is included

Size :About 11.9 cm (width) X 17.9 cm (length)

Material :Chizu cedar, cedar board, Japanese paper

ASNARO's workshop (former Yamagata Elementary School)

■Company Profile

Aiming to support the forestry industry and energize the forests by "making cute and interesting products using Japanese wood," we are engaged in the manufacture of wooden products using only domestic timber.

Trade name : ASNARO

Location : 2F, former Yamagata Elementary School, 238 Gohara, Chigashi-cho, Hachigashi-gun, Tottori

Establishment : February, 2016

Representative: Asuka Obata

Business Description: Planning, manufacturing, and sales of wooden products. Production of souvenirs and handicrafts of our own design.

      OEM, novelty, and product development orders.

HP :

For customer inquiries regarding this matter, please contact

ASNARO Customer Service

TEL : 080-2167-4403

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