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December 15-25 Christmas Market 2023" at Tamaari△Town A variety of Christmas menu lineups have been decided!

More than 80 kinds of exquisite gourmet foods from hot meals to sweets and drinks!


The Tama-Ari△Town Christmas Market Executive Committee (Saitama Arena, LAF Entertainment, and MTJ) will hold the "Tama-Ari△Town Christmas Market 2023" for 11 days from December 15 (Fri.) to 25 (Mon.) at Keyaki Hiroba in Saitama Shin-Toshin, Saitama Prefecture. The Christmas Market will be held for 11 days from December 15 (Fri.) to 25 (Mon.) at Keyaki Plaza in Saitama Shin Toshin.

Under the catchphrase, "Delicious foods for Christmas," this year's event will feature a wide variety of exquisite gourmet foods from approximately 20 stalls, as well as sundry goods and gifts that will set the mood for the holiday season.

We are pleased to announce the lineup of the vendors for this year's event.

More than 80 kinds of exquisite gourmet foods from hot meals to sweets and drinks will be served!

In addition to the popular Christmas roast chicken, Western-style dishes such as beef steak, whole pumpkin soup, penne with shrimp cream sauce, and Scandinavian meatballs, there will also be Japanese and Chinese dishes such as roast beef sushi, spicy egg noodles, yuzu and lemon-scented gyoza nabe, and dandan tsukemen (flat noodles). A wide variety of food items will be available. In addition, we are looking forward to welcoming you with a luxurious and diverse lineup of Christmas beer, hot chocolate, rum chocolates, hot wine, and other Christmas-inspired drinks, as well as gorgeous Christmas sweets such as fruit sandwiches and strawberry candies.

The "Select Market," a popular sales area every year, will open from 4:00 p.m. on November 29 (Wed.). The market will be open from 4:00 p.m. on November 29 (Wed.) and will feature a wide selection of German and other European goods, organic cosmetics, ornaments, and other items that will set the mood for Christmas, making it the perfect place to find Christmas gifts.

A part of the food, sweets, and beverage menu (store name in parentheses)

(1) Jarami Steak with Truffle Sauce & Mashed Potato / Japanese Beef Rump Sushi (Tamagawa Seitan)

Jarami Steak with Truffle Sauce & Mashed Potatoes

(2) Hot Chocolate Dark / Hot Chocolate Milk (HOT CHOCOLATE) Bread, Espresso and Machiawase

(3) Christmas special! Roasted Chicken with Sauce / Xmas Clam Chowder (The3rd.Shibuya)

Xmas Clam Chowder

(4) Yummy and spicy! Cheese Takkarbi / Cheese Ball (Hakata Punch Nishiyama)

(5) Authentic Scandinavian Santa's Meatballs / Whole Pumpkin Christmas Soup (Meatball Specialty Store toroli)

Authentic Scandinavian Santa's Meatballs

Whole Pumpkin Christmas Soup

(6) Melted Cheese Fondue / Yuzu and Lemon Aromatic Hot Pot (Kyoto Gyoza Miyako Panda)

Yuzu and Lemon Aroma Nabe

(7) Penne with freshly shaved cheese and shrimp cream sauce / Crab cream croquette with shrimp tomato sauce (Hikawa no Mori)

(8) Tantan Shaved Noodle / Hot bun set of 3 (curry bun / pork bun / walnut bean paste bun) (Lu Yuan Caekan)

(9) Cut steak with aged meat / Choice of three kinds of German potatoes (Erdinger)

Choice of three kinds of German potatoes

(10) Fruit Sandwiches Made by a Grocery Store (Daiwa Super)

A real fruit sandwich made by a green grocer

(11) French Fries - Christmas Herb Flavor / Honey Salt Butter Baked Potato (Bouquet)

(12) Candy apple Christmas version / Candy apple plain (Ringo-do)

Candy apple Christmas version

(13) Special Christmas Chicken (boned and boneless mix) / Special Yangnyeom Chicken (boned and boneless mix) (Bungoya, Nakatsu Karaage, Oita)

Special Christmas Chicken (boned and boneless mix)

(14) Various skewers (sausage skewers / lamb skewers / Japanese beef rib skewers) (The Kebab Factory)

(15) Fresh strawberry candy / hot strawberry milk / hot green tea milk (Furusatu-no-Ni - that taste of the old days...) (The Kebab Factory) ~The Kebab Factory)

Fresh Ichigo Candy

(16) Oedo Kawagoe Orobako / Udon Noodle with Spicy Meat and Eggs (Gyoza no Miyadenden / Susanoo Udon Noodle)

Koedo Kawagoe Koronpo

(17) Xmas Roast Chicken Thigh, Spring Meat and Roasted Whole (Roast Chicken Cricket)

Xmas Roast Chicken Marubee

(18) Weizenbock (Christmas beer) / Yuzu Pilsner (Fujizakura Kogen Brewery)

(19) Erdinger Schneeweisse / Gruewein (Erdinger)


(20) Hot Butter Drum / Rum Chocolat (SCREW DRIVER)

Rum Chocolat

In addition to the above, we have prepared a variety of other menu items to satisfy both your stomach and your mind. Please refer to the official website for the complete menu lineup.

Main items for sale at Select Market (store names in parentheses)

Bags and accessories upcycled from German fire hoses (feuerwear)

Sausages "from Germany" (Invishalico)

Original goods of Europa Rail (Europa Rail)

Ecoffee Cup

Advent calendars, paper napkins and other European accessories (Lucca)

Bath salts, body care cosmetics (Dresdner Essence & Florena, a gift from Germany)

Imported reprinted posters (TOPRANK ANTIQUES)

Eco-bags and toys (Gefallener Engel)

Spice ornaments by Rasp (Spice Ornaments)

Small leather goods (My favori*)

Moomin sweets and tea (Aquavit Japan)

Miniature cars from Siku by Bornelund (Germany)

Nutcracker and other wooden dolls (German Village)

T-shirts and hoodies printed exclusively at McDonald's Malibu store (MALIBU CALIFORNIA)

Tamarind" goods, Christmas limited beer and wine (Tamarind Shop)

Various spice ornaments

Keyaki Hiroba Illumination 2023-24 "Brilliant Earth Garden" (until Wednesday, February 14, 2024)

This illumination, titled "Brilliant Earth Garden," evokes the image of the beautiful blue earth. The night of Keyaki Hiroba, a relaxing space in Saitama Shin-Toshin, will be enveloped in approximately 200,000 blue lights.

Details and the latest information are being updated on the official website. Please take a look.

Outline of the TAMA-ARI△TOWN Christmas Market 2023 - Delicious foods gather for Christmas

(1) Dates and times: December 15 (Fri.) - 25 (Mon.), 2023

         (2) Dates and hours: 12:00 - 21:00 (16:00 on the first day and until 20:00 on the last day)

         Select Market only: 16:00 - 21:00 from November 29 (Wed.) to December 14 (Thu.)

            Select Market will be held in advance from 16:00 to 21:00 from November 29 (Wed.) to December 14 (Thu.).

         (2) Location: Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture

(2) Location: Keyaki Hiroba, Saitama Shin-Toshin Tamaari△Town

(3) Access: 3-minute walk from Saitama-shintoshin Station on the JR Keihin-Tohoku, Takasaki, and Utsunomiya Lines

         7 min. walk from Kita-Yono Sta. on JR Saikyo Line

(4) Admission: Free (food, drink, and merchandise fees not included)

(5) Contents: ・Food sales

         Sales of European and Christmas goods

         Christmas workshops

(6) Estimated number of visitors: 100,000 (11 days)

(7) Web site:

(8) Sponsor: Executive Committee of Tamaari Christmas Market

         (Saitama Arena Corporation / LAF Entertainment Co.

         MTJ Corporation)

(9) Cooperation: Saitama Shin-Toshin Area Management

(10) Sponsor: Saitama City / Saitama Shin-Toshin Machizukuri Promotion Council / Saitama Shin-Toshin Area Management Inc.

         Saitama Tourism International Association

(11) General Inquiries: Saitama Super Arena 048-601-1122 (10:00-18:00)

Saitama Arena Corporation [Company Profile

Company name: Saitama Arena Co.

Location: 8 Shintoshin, Chuo-ku, Saitama-shi, Saitama

Capital: 495 million yen

Date of establishment: March 27, 1997

Purpose of establishment: To manage the Saitama Super Arena and

       Management of "Saitama Super Arena" and "Keyaki Hiroba


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Saitama Arena Co.

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