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Japan's only textile art festival where textiles and art are fused together FUJI TEXTILE WEEK 2023" will be co-sponsored again this year!

Held in Fujiyoshida City from November 23 to December 17.


FSX Corporation (Location: Kunitachi City, Tokyo; President: Katsuyuki Fujinami) and FSX Fuji Corporation (Location: Fujikawaguchiko-machi, Minamitsuru-gun, Yamanashi Prefecture; President: Tsutomu Inuzuka), which are involved in the rental, planning and development of hand towels to create new excitement in hospitality, are pleased to announce that they will be co-sponsoring this year again "FUJI TEXTILE WEEK 2023," Japan's only cloth-themed art festival to be held in the textile town Fujiyoshida City. (Location: Fuji-Kawaguchiko-machi, Minami-tsuru-gun, Yamanashi; President: Tsutomu Inuzuka) is pleased to announce that it will again co-sponsor "FUJI TEXTILE WEEK 2023" (November 23-December 17), the only art festival in Japan with the theme of fabric, to be held in the textile town of Fujiyoshida.


FUJI TEXTILE WEEK 2023 is a textile festival that weaves together the traditional textile industry and contemporary art in Fujiyoshida City, Yamanashi Prefecture, which has been a textile production center for over 1,000 years. This year's exhibition will consist of an "Art Exhibition" featuring 11 artists from Japan and abroad, and a "Design Exhibition" that explores the traditional textile "Kaiiki" from various perspectives.

The FSX Group, whose core business is rental hand towels, delivers and collects 100% cotton "hand towels" to its customers, and is committed to the cycle of nature, people, and society as its core business. The FSX Group, which has benefited from and worked with "cloth" since its establishment, agrees with the purpose of this art festival, which gives us a sense of the future of textiles, and has decided to co-sponsor the festival again this year to contribute to the revitalization of the Fuji-northern foothills area.

We hope that the businesses and initiatives woven by the FSX Group will remain rooted in the local community and continue to be useful to society even in these times of transition. It is said that the oshibori originated in the Edo period (1603-1867), when travelers used oshibori to wipe away dirt and relieve fatigue. Through sponsorship of this art festival, FSX will return to the origins of the oshibori and explore new expressions of oshibori from new perspectives, taking a multifaceted look at oshibori culture, which originated from the hospitality of a single encounter. FSX will continue to promote Japanese oshibori culture to the world with the aim of creating world-class OSHIBORI.

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Period: November 23 (Thu., holiday) - December 17 (Sun.), 2023

Closed: Mondays during the period (November 27, December 4, December 11)

Hours: 10:00 - 16:00 (Admission to each venue until 15:30)

Venue : Shimoyoshida Honmachi-dori, Fujiyoshida City, Yamanashi Prefecture

Sponsor : Fujiyoshida City, Yamanashi Prefecture

Planning & Management : FUJI TEXTILE WEEK Executive Committee

Grant : Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands / Yamanashi Prefecture

Sponsor : N&A Corporation / FSX Corporation / FSX Fuji Corporation

          FSX Fuji Corporation / FabCafe LLP / Loftwork Inc.

          FabCafe LLP / Loftwork Inc.

Cooperation: Soho Corporation / Czech Center Tokyo / Highland Resort Co.

          Fuji Gakuen High School / Fujiyoshanroku Electric Railway Co.

          Fujiyoshida Electric Railway Company/Fujiyoshida Textile Cooperative Association/Fuji Gakuen High School/ Fujiyoshida Sightseeing Foundation

          Fujiyoshida Tourism Promotion Service Foundation

          Fujiyoshida Chamber of Commerce and Industry

          Honmachi 2-chome Shopping Street/ Honmachi 3-chome Shoei Kai/ Fujiyoshida Chamber of Commerce and Industry/ Fujiyoshida Machizukuri Kosha Co.

          Honmachi 3-chome Shoei Kai / Honmachi Okami-san Kai / Yamakano Co.

          Yamakano Corporation (in alphabetical order)

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Official hashtag: #fujitextileweek #fujitextileweek #Fuji Textile Week #Fuji Art Festival

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With the philosophy that "hand towels are not a service of goods, but a service of the heart," the company was founded in 1967 as Fujinami Towel Service, a rental hand towel business. Since then, the company has been based in Kunitachi City, Tokyo, and has been engaged in a wide range of business activities centering on hand towels. Starting with the development of hand towel materials and processing machines, we have developed patented technology for adding aroma to hand towels, the "VB" antiviral and antibacterial hygiene technology, and the "REION" hand towel cooling and heating unit that provides hand towels at the optimum temperature. In addition to the development of "REION," a hand towel cooler that provides hand towels at optimal temperatures, we are also involved in e-commerce operations and partner businesses for the same industry. On the occasion of its 50th anniversary, the company name was changed to "FSX Corporation," and for the next 50 years, we will develop our business to create innovative services to bring out new possibilities of oshibori and spread OSHIBORI culture widely in Japan and abroad.

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FSX Fuji Corporation was established in Fujikawaguchiko Town in September 2020 as a group company of FSX Corporation, which has been in business for 55 years in Kunitachi, Tokyo. With the philosophy that "hand towels are not a service of goods, but a service of the heart," the company operates a hand towel rental, planning, and sales business mainly in the Fuji Five Lakes area, offering hand towels unique to the area, such as the anti-viral "VB hand towel" and natural aroma hand towels, which are only available from the FSX Group. This year, we developed "Fujipyon" hand towels using lavender, a tourism resource of the town of Fujikawaguchiko. We will continue to actively develop new products that bring out new possibilities for oshibori through marketing that takes advantage of our community-based business in the area at the foot of Mount Fuji, which is rich in tourism resources.


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