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Rare and precious glass "Saphiret The "Saphiret Collection" will be held for a limited time until December 25!

~ A fascinating sapphirette that can no longer be made in the modern age Special limited gifts only during this period


le meace" (operated by le meace & co., Ltd., headquarters: Yokohama), a specialty store mainly in Jiyugaoka and Yokohama that handles vintage accessory parts purchased from France, Germany, Czech Republic, and other countries, will hold a special collection of rare and valuable Saphiret accessories, "Saphiret Collection. Saphiret Collection" will be held at three stores at the same time until December 25 (Mon.) at Remece Jiyugaoka store, Remece Yokohama store, and online store.

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Safirette Collection

About "Saphiret

Saphiret is a special glass that can no longer be made today because the family that knew how to manufacture it has died out.

Its mysterious color captivates those who see it and the mystery of its hidden manufacturing method. It is said to be a fascinating sapphirette, and its scarcity value is increasing year by year.

Remy's, a store specializing in vintage and antique accessory parts, has been purchasing and collecting sapphirettes little by little for many years. This time, we will showcase our treasured items for a limited time only.

Enchanting Sapphirettes

The special Saphiret to be sold this time

<Antique Saphiret

Antique Saphiret made more than 100 years ago are very rare and hard to find in the market nowadays. This "Saphiret Collection" will be a rare opportunity to try on and purchase a variety of antique Saphiret.

Antique Saphiret Rings

<Vintage Saphiret

Vintage Saphiret  made more than 30 years ago are very popular these days, with their beautiful clear blue color. They are relatively inexpensive, so they are recommended as Christmas gifts.

Vintage Saphiret Ring

■During the period, there will also be special gifts!

Until December 25, 2023, those who purchase more than 30,000 yen of Saphirette will receive a special Saphiret pendant! (Limited quantity)

You can also use it as a petite necklace by putting it through a chain, or as an earring accessory by putting it on earring/piercing fittings.

This is a special period when you can see, select, and purchase a large number of Saphiret and receive a gift.

Please come to Remy's Jiyugaoka store and Remy's Yokohama store to enjoy this special period.

Choice of Saphiret Present

Outline of the three Remies stores】 【Summary of the three Remies stores

Store name : REMIES Jiyugaoka Store

Location : Jiyugaoka Terrace 2F, 1-25-9 Jiyugaoka, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 152-0035

Business days : Open every day (except year-end and New Year holidays)

Business hours: 11:00-19:00


Store name : Remy's Yokohama

Location : 1F SANHEIM K, 13-5 Chuo Kayakuzaki-chuo, Tsuzuki-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa-ken 224-0032

Business days : Open every day (except year-end and New Year holidays)

Business hours: 11:00-18:00


Store name: Remy's net store

Orders: Accepted 24 hours a day, within 3 business days nationwide, 200 yen shipping fee for delivery and shipping


Company Profile

Company Name : Remies & Co.

Location: 2-13-4 Katsuta-minami, Tsuzuki-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa 224-0036, Japan


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