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Samurai Cruiser returned safely from its trip across Australia! Maintenance is complete for the next trip to Overland!


Samurai Cruiser Press Room is pleased to announce that two Old Toyota "Yongmals" that have successfully traveled 30,000 km across the Australian continent have returned to Japan and are now fully serviced for their next overland trip.

Mr. Miyagi, the general supervisor, said, "The Yongmal has traveled 500,000 kilometers on this trip. We would like to run another 500,000 km together from now on. This is a crystallization of Japanese technology and manufacturing. I want to show the world that a decades-old car will continue to run well!" he said, expressing his enthusiasm for the next Overland.



Archives of Overland routes and trends over 30,000 km

The seemingly reckless journey across Australia by two old Toyota "Yongmals" was carried out with the greatest mission to bring back safely all the accompanying employees and their children, and to be able to smile like this again in Japan.

Together with the crew, we experienced "land I have never seen before" and "starry skies I have never seen before.

Crossing the Australian continent made me feel the grandeur of the earth.

No one could speak English, but we made an effort to speak it.

I could feel the joy when I could communicate with them.

I hope that one day the crew members who shared this time with me will use this experience as a springboard to spread their wings to the world!

I hope that the crew who shared this time will use this experience to spread their wings to the world!

Route of the 30,000 km run



Have I ever seen so many stars?



The further north you go, the fewer towns you will find and the more difficult it will be to secure gasoline and other necessities.

Also, security is not always the same as it was in the past.


Big Red Sun

The twilight sunset was breathtaking.

Big Red Sun

Rainbow Beach

I could understand what I needed and what I didn't need by actually driving.

After all, experience is important. I will take this experience into the future.

Rainbow Beach


Samurai Cruiser speech at Toyota Australia.



OUTBACK is the inland area of Australia where unspoiled nature remains

undiscovered land, a place where you can feel the earth.


■Suburb of Melbourne

Encounters with various people have led me to this place.

Melbourne suburbs

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Thoughts on Samurai Cruiser

I think this is the kind of scenery Samurai Cruiser came here to see.

You can travel the world on your cell phone screen, but

but you will never be able to feel the atmosphere of a place.

In this digital age

Samurai Cruiser is committed to the analog world.

--The adventure of SAMURAI CRUISER has just begun.

To be continuding !