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Senju School of Japanese Dance Performs at "Japan Festival in DUBAI" in Dubai  Japanese Dance Performance and Workshop at a Japanese School

Auditions will be held over a period of about a month starting in December.


Senju School of Japanese Dance (Location: Osaka, Osaka) is pleased to announce that the Senju Dance Company will perform at the "Japan Festival in DUBAI" in Dubai on December 10, 2023.

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Dubai Performance Flyer

Since its establishment in 1999, the SENJU dance troupe has been widely promoting proud traditional Japanese culture and has received enthusiastic support from around the world. This summer, the group toured Europe with great success, and is already inundated with tour offers for the coming year. And now a special performance in the United Arab Emirates will be held in Dubai on December 10.

The SENJU dance troupe performs traditional Japanese performing arts in Dubai through the Japan Festival inDUBAI. In addition to the Japan Festival inDUBAI, there will be Japanese dance performances and workshops at Japanese schools in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Through this opportunity, it is hoped that local children will be exposed to Japanese culture and grow into strong future leaders of Japan.

Furthermore, just prior to the Dubai performance, SENJU Dance Company representative Einojo Senju will participate as a judge in the IDO World Dance Contest to be held in Thailand. At the same time, auditions will be held for about a month starting in December to recruit new members who will be active in the world.

Audition for participants for overseas performances in 2024

SENJU Dance Company strongly hopes to deepen mutual understanding with other countries through international activities, to contribute to each other's national interests, and to play a role in world peace!

■ Appearance Information

November 25-26 : World Dance Contest IDO

December 8: 130 elementary and junior high school students from Dubai Japanese School

        Japanese Dance Performance

        Tsurukame", "Ume wa sakitakaika", "Kijarikuzushi", "Tsukudafunatou" (Tsukuda boatman)


        Yakkosan" song and dance (live shamisen performance)

December 10: Japan Festival in DUBAI

        Japanese dance performance

        Shamisen Osatsuma with Lion" "Kijarikuzushi" (live shamisen performance)

        Plum Blossoms in Bloom", "Tsurukame", "Shishi" (lion)

December 11: Participation of 75 students from Abu Dhabi Japanese School elementary and junior high schools

        Same as December 8

Shamisen Oosatsuma by Shishi

Company Profile

Company Name : Nihon Buyo Senju Ryu

Representative: Einojo SENJU

Location: 3-12-2 Noe, Joto-ku, Osaka City

Establishment : 1999

Business: Japanese dance classes, event appearances, and other related business


For inquiries regarding this matter, please contact

Nihon Buyo Senju Ryu

Inquiry form:

For inquiries regarding this press release, please contact

Contact: Eiji Shimazaki

TEL: 090-1227-4060


We will not be able to respond to phone calls from November 25th to December 25th due to the overseas tour. Please contact us by e-mail.

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