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Enables purchase of small quantities at a familiar location when needed, even for sudden menstrual periods! At Daido Drinko vending machines Start of sales of Natura Moon sanitary napkins

Health Care Support Vending Machine" for women


G-Place Inc. (Headquarters: Nagaokakyo City, Kyoto Prefecture) will start selling sanitary napkins at the "Women's Health Care Support Vending Machine" operated by DAIDOH DORINKO CO.

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Responding to the need to purchase only small quantities when necessary

According to an announcement by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare*, approximately 20% of respondents answered that their menstruation was "irregular.

If you have "irregular periods," it is difficult for you to predict when you will have your period, and you may be in trouble if your period suddenly starts when you are out and about and you do not have any sanitary products with you. In this case, it is also expected that there is a latent need to purchase menstrual products when and where they are needed, and only in necessary quantities (i.e., small quantities used on the spot).

Convenience stores, pharmacies/drugstores, and supermarkets are the most common places to purchase sanitary napkins, but in all cases, they are generally sold in large bags containing multiple sheets for stocking up at home.

Some shopping malls, department stores, and amusement facilities have vending machines in the restrooms where small quantities of sanitary products can be purchased, but it is considered a burden to travel to such facilities to purchase only a small amount.

This time, Daido Dolinko has decided to install Natura Moon sanitary napkins in its "Women's Health Care Support Vending Machine". The company plans to expand the use of these vending machines to train stations and commercial facilities. We hope that this will enable consumers to purchase sanitary napkins in vending machines, a familiar place, and meet their latent needs to purchase only what they need, when they need it, and where they are familiar with it.

*Reference: Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare / "Survey on the Effect of 'Menstrual Poverty' on Women's Mental and Physical Health, etc." Simple tabulation results (published 2022-03-28)

What are "natural" sanitary products?

The top sheet, which touches delicate skin, is made of 100% natural cotton non-woven fabric, and the absorbent is also made of cotton pulp, a natural material.

Both cotton and cotton pulp have excellent moisture absorbency and breathability, so even if they absorb sweat and menstrual blood, they do not cause rashes and are comfortable to use.

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<Product Outline> Product Name

Product name: Sanitary napkin (for heavy daytime use with wings)

Brand name: NaturaMoon

Capacity : 2 pcs.

Price : 160 yen (including tax)

Country of origin : Japan

What is NaturaMoon?

NaturaMoon* was born in 2011 as Japan's first sanitary product that combines a 100% cotton top sheet and no polymer absorbent material. With "Natural & Happiness" as its keyword, NaturaMoon develops sanitary goods, cosmetics, apparel, bath salts, detergents, and other products. The driving force behind our product development is the wish that comes from our customers: "I wish there was a product like this.

Naturamoon is a brand that develops together with our customers.

As a sanitary napkin approved as a quasi-drug (according to our own research in 2011)

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<About G-Place Inc.

G-Place started its business in 1968 as "Japan Green Packs" and changed its name to the current one in May 2019 on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of its foundation. Under the slogan of "a creative general trading company that creates the future with ideas," G-Place provides unique products and services in a variety of fields. Since its founding, the company has consistently focused on the business of helping municipalities across Japan reduce waste. Currently, the company also sells high-altitude safety products and recycled resin products, designs and sells original cosmetics and sundries that focus on natural ingredients, and imports and sells home appliances from overseas. We have also established overseas offices and are actively developing our business.

Since 2020, the Tsuji Yamanaka Foundation has owned 100% of the company's shares, and a portion of the company's earnings is paid as dividends to the foundation and then donated to socially meaningful projects.

Company Profile

Company name: G-Place Inc.

Location: 10-9 Jonosato, Nagaokakyo, Kyoto, 617-0835 Japan

Founded: May 7, 1968 / May 16, 1969

President & Representative Director : Hidetoshi Ayabe

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