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Lawson] "MACHI cafe+" Service to be Introduced at Six Stores in Kanagawa Prefecture by the End of the Year! MACHI Cafe+" service to be introduced in 6 stores in Kanagawa Prefecture by the end of this year! Hot Chocolate Drinks for Winter Marshmallow Cafe Mocha" and "Marshmallow White Mocha" now on sale.


Lawson, Inc. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo; President: Sadanobu Takemasu; hereinafter "LAWSON") will gradually introduce the "MACHI cafe+" service at six LAWSON stores in Kanagawa Prefecture by the end of this year. As of the end of December 2023, 30 LAWSON stores will have introduced MACHI cafe+. In addition, hot chocolate drinks "Marshmallow Cafe Mocha" and "Marshmallow White Mocha" will be available from November 21 (Tuesday), just as the cold season is in full swing.

Since 2012, LAWSON has established the "Fantasista System," which recognizes staff with excellent coffee-related knowledge and customer service skills to improve customer service and store operations. Currently, more than 20,000 crew members have been certified in four different fields: customer service, machikado kitchen, and fast food, in addition to MACHI cafe.

Marshmallow Cafe Mocha White Mocha

■Finally available from November 21!

 Hot winter chocolate drinks "Marshmallow Cafe Mocha" and "Marshmallow White Mocha

MACHI cafe+, available only at limited LAWSON stores, has been well received for its special drinks that are just like those at specialty cafes, but at a reasonable price. Two hot chocolate drinks will go on sale just in time for the real cold weather.

Marshmallow Cafe Mocha" and "Marshmallow White Mocha," both new on November 21 (Tuesday), are chocolate-based sweet hot drinks. To prevent the temperature from dropping, they are topped with marshmallows instead of whipped cream to create a finish that can be enjoyed while feeling the warmth of the drink in one's hands.

Please also enjoy the soft and fluffy texture of the slightly melted marshmallow.

Marshmallow Cafe Mocha

Product name: Marshmallow Cafe Mocha

Release date: Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Price: 380 yen (tax included)

Cafe mocha infused with dark chocolate and topped with marshmallow and chocolate sauce.

The marshmallow topping, rather than whipped cream, prevents the temperature from dropping.

This chocolate drink is sweet with a hint of bitterness.

You can also enjoy the texture of the slightly melted marshmallow.

We hope you will enjoy this drink from now on while holding it in both hands and blowing on it with a puff of air.

Only served hot.

Marshmallow White Mocha

Product name: Marshmallow White Mocha

Release date: Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Price: 380 yen (tax included)

White chocolate infused white mocha topped with marshmallow and white chocolate flakes.

It is sweeter and creamier than the "Marshmallow Cafe Mocha.

The black color of the "Marshmallow Cafe Mocha" and the white color of the "Marshmallow White Mocha" are a contrasting feature for customers to enjoy and choose their mood of the day.

The combination of white mocha and melted marshmallow is a dessert-like drink for those with a sweet tooth.

Only served hot.

Get one free drink when you accumulate stamps! Stamp stickers are now being distributed!

For every drink purchased at MACHI cafe+, you will receive a stamp sticker.

When you accumulate 15 stamps, you can use them as a "free voucher" to exchange for one drink of your choice at MACHI cafe+.

Sticker distribution period: Tuesday, November 7, 2023 to Monday, February 19, 2024

Free drink exchange period: Tuesday, November 7, 2023 to Monday, February 26, 2024

For more details, click here.

MACHI cafe+ website:

About "MACHI cafe+" stores

MACHI Cafe+ will be introduced at the following six stores in Kanagawa Prefecture by the end of this year, starting on December 1, 2023.

Lawson Chigasaki Amanuma West Store (847-4 Amanuma, Chigasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture)

Lawson Odawara Takenohana store (2-12-19 Sakae-cho, Odawara City, Kanagawa Prefecture)

Lawson Seya 4-chome store (4-45-8 Seya, Seya-ku, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture)

Lawson Fujisawa Kugenuma Shinmei 1-chome store (1-5-8 Kugenuma Shinmei, Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture)

Lawson Chigasaki Hamamidaira store (11-1 Hamamidaira, Chigasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture)

Lawson Oimachi Kaneko store (1766-3 Kaneko, Oimachi, Ashigarakami-gun, Kanagawa Prefecture)

For a list of MACHI cafe+ stores, please click here.

Stores and business hours are subject to addition, change, or cancellation without notice. Please understand in advance.

Background of "MACHI cafe

MACHI Cafe+" started from Fantasista's desire to have a conversation with customers through hand delivery.

Through communication with customers, we aim to build a relationship where customers say, "I came to see you" or "I want to buy from you. Currently, we offer 6 to 10 types of coffee at any given time, including smoothies that are handmade to order and special coffee that is ground and brewed one cup at a time.

Many customers visit Lawson on a daily basis, asking, "What's new today?" We try to make sure that there is always something fresh to discover no matter when they visit us.

MACHI cafe+ handmade smoothies and special coffee

Customer service with a smile

Hand-drawn illustration stickers are popular among children.

MACHI cafe+" is officially spelled with an "'" (acute accent) over the "e" in "cafe.