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Machida City, Tokyo] "Autumn Fun 2023" at Machida Yakushiike Park, Shikisai-no-mori Autumn Fun 2023" is being held from October 28 (Sat.) to November 30 (Thu.) at Shikisaike Park in Machida City, Tokyo!


Machida Yakushiike Park Shikisai-no Mori" in Machida City, Tokyo, is holding "Autumn Fun 2023: Come, See, Experience, and Tell Someone About It Days" from October 28 (Sat) to November 30 (Thu), 2023. Machida Yakushiike Park Shikisai-no-mori" has nine facilities with different colors. Please enjoy the colorful events at each facility.

Autumn Foliage Light-up (Yakushi Pond): November 15 (Wed) - 30 (Thu), 17:00 - 20:00

The maple trees around the pond and the large ginkgo tree in the adjacent Yakushido Hall will be lit up. This is a special nighttime opening where visitors can enjoy a quiet and fantastic space where the Taiko Bridge and the moon are reflected on the lake. On windless nights, a foggy effect is also planned.

Light up autumn leaves

Digital hanging scroll (Yakushi Pond) Saturday, November 18 - Sunday, November 26, 17:00 - 20:00

Unlike projection mapping, a digital hanging scroll is a projection of a number of digital images that are slowly superimposed on top of each other. The unique feature of this projection is that no two images are ever the same.

This year, the images will be projected near the iris field and the water wheel house.

Digital hanging scroll

■Aroma Walk (Yakushi Pond) Saturday, November 18 - Sunday, November 26, 17:00 - 20:00 (cancelled in case of rain)

Three types of incense will be burned at three locations in the park at night (wisteria trellis next to Taiko Bridge, iris field, and Yakushi Hall), each with a different type of incense for each location. Please enjoy the fragrance of the incense as it wafts around the area in the autumn evening breeze, along with the illumination.

Cooperation: Shoeido

On Saturday, 25th, a mobile incense vendor will also come to the event.

COSSAN at Machida Yakushiike Park Shikisaino-Mori November 18 (Sat) & 19 (Sun)

Machida Yakushiike Park, Shikisai-no-mori area (Reception and changing rooms are at Shichikokuyama Farmer's Center)

The entire Shikisai-no-mori area, including the popular Yakushi Pond where you can take pictures with the beautiful autumn leaves in the background, will be used as a shooting area this year! For two days in autumn, you can play with squirrels in the Squirrel Garden, take photos in the Botan Garden, West Garden, and other natural locations, eat and drink at the kitchen car, and enjoy events while cosplaying. Advance registration required.

COSSAN at Machida Yakushiike Park Shikisai no Mori

Singing with Gen Nishikawa "Colors of Time" November 19 (Sun.) 15:00-

Machida Yakushiike Park, Shikisai-no-mori, Yakushiike (lawn area, special stage)

Singer-songwriter Motoi Nishikawa will perform his original song "Toki no Saori" (Colors of Time) for the first time at Machida Yakushiike Park. Those who participated in the recording of the song will join the chorus on stage. The song is so familiar that once you hear it, you will want to sing along, so you are welcome to jump in and join in.

Singing with Motoi Nishikawa "Colors of Time

Joint event at JR and Odakyu Machida Station (Yakushi Pond) Sunday, November 26, 11:00-15:00 (tentative)

Both companies will make a one-day trip from Machida Station to Yakushi Pond for a miniature train, a "narikiri" stationmaster uniform, a band performance, a railroad photo exhibition, and more.

Joint JR and Odakyu Machida Station Business Trip Event

Machida Silk Melon Cafe (Botanen)

For a limited time only, a café will be open where visitors can enjoy parfaits and drinks using "Machida Silk Melon," which is grown hydroponically in Machida City.

Dates: November 18 (Sat), 19 (Sun), 25 (Sat), 26 (Sun) (4 days)

Opening hours: 10:00-15:00

Place: "Rest Area" in Botan Garden, Shikisai-no-mori, Machida Yakushiike Park

Only 5 pieces of whole melon gelato per day

November 23 (national holiday, Thursday): First event! Buckwheat Seed Harvesting at Mt.

Morning session: 9:00 - 11:30 Afternoon session: 13:00 - 15:30

At the beginning of autumn, buckwheat flowers turn the fields of Mt. For the first time, visitors will have the precious experience of harvesting these buckwheat seeds under the guidance of the Shichikokuyama Fureai-no Sato Kumiai, which consists of local farmers. The participants will use traditional farm equipment such as a foot-peddled threshing machine and a toomigake to sift the buckwheat seeds. Advance application is required.

Harvesting buckwheat seeds in Shichikokuyama

Many other events will be held as well.

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